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Discover all the latest and best classic slots, video slots, and online casino games with 94% RTP right here! Read our detailed game reviews. Try out the games for free before you sign up at an online casino we recommend. Start winning real money.


Published on: 15 January, 2019

Looking for slots and casino games with 94% RTP? Here’s an exhaustive list of the best ones online. We’ve listed the top games from reputed software providers available at trusted online casinos. You can try them out for free before putting in real money. Each game has been reviewed to detail all the aspects and paytable. Prepare before you start playing. Look forward to an incredible gaming experience with casino games that have the crispest graphics, coolest soundtracks, and best payouts. Keep an eye on this space because you don’t want to miss out on the latest additions, do you?

Casino games with 94% RTP

New players at online casinos are often confused between the terms house edge and Return To Player. However, the terms are two sides of the same coin, and while RTP reflects a theoretical or mathematical return to player rate it also shows what the house edge of a particular game is. House edge is commonly understood as the percentage a real money online casinos expect to earn over the long run.

RTP is short for Return To Player, it’s an indicator of how much a slot pays out on average. Expressed as a percentage, slot games with a 96% Return to Player rate means that of every $100 fed into the machine, it will pay back 96% to players over time.

Let’s explain it this way, if a game has an RTP of 96% it means that of the 1000 coins wagered over many rounds or spins, the player can expect to get 960 coins back. It also means that the casino has a house edge of 4%.

To put things into perspective, playing slots is like a scratch card, some times you’ll get a big payout and other times the card will reveal zero wins. But with video slots and slot games, contrary to a scratch card, programmers built an RTP percentage into the design.

Are you ready to start playing slots with a 96% RTP rate? Our website offers you the chance to play real money slots or free slots, the choice is yours, but knowing what the machine will pay back over time makes slots gaming that much more interesting!

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