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Ten Best Straight Drive Shots in Cricket

the author

Buvanesh Thiraviam

date post

Jun 12, 2024

best straight drive shot players


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A straight drive is one of the most elegant and graceful shot that defines this gentleman’s game. Playing a straight drive requires solid technique, timing, placement and above all lots of hard work at the nets. A straight drive also defines how strong a batter technically is. In this piece, we discuss players who highlighted their class through this shot. The players mentioned in the list where cut above the rest when it came to being technically correct while playing the straight drive. So let’s discuss the players who showcased their class through the straight drive.

Sachin Tendulkar (India)

The former legend needs no introduction when it comes to his cricketing records. Tendulkar had all the shots in the book but his straight drive needs special mention as it was a treat to watch on any given day. Tendulkar’s straight drive was a a mix of elegance and neat footwork.

Ricky Ponting (Australia)

“Punter”, as he was fondly called played some wonderful straight drive laden with power and accuracy. His quick bat speed enabled him to gain power from the bottom hand. The former Australian skipper controlled the shot well while playing down the ground against spinners also.

Brian Lara (West Indies)

Lara’s charisma was visible in his styling and elegant batting. The former left hander’s high back lift combined with his quick bat speed was enough to send the ball to the fence. His straight drive showcased how he could manage to play the shot down the ground with classic footwork.

Rahul Dravid (India)

The ‘Wall’ as he was fondly called was one of the technically correct batters of his generation with solid technique and strong head position. Dravid played the straight drive without powering the ball. All he did was caressed the ball neatly down the ground with his timing and placement.

Sunil Gavaskar (India)

‘The Little Master’ was one of the most finest timers of the ball during the 70s and 80s. When it came to playing a straight drive there wasn’t any player who could match Gavaskar during the 70s and 80s’. The former right hander played effortlessly and punched the ball effortlessly without giving any chance to the bowler on the follow through. His footwork was quite incredible when it came to adjusting to the length of the ball while playing the straight drive.

Jacques Kallis (South Africa)

Kallis was one of the finest all rounders of his generation. The former South Africa all rounder possesseda variety of shots as he was strong on all sides of the wicket be it the square cut, cover drive, pull shot but his straight drive was a mix of elagance and solid defensive push. His ability to adust to conditions and situations was incredible.

VVS Laxman (India)

‘Very Very Special Laxman’, as he was fondly called played the straight drive like a defensive push. The precision with which he timed and placed the ball hardly gave the bowler a chance to stop the ball on follow through. His timing was enough to go past mid on and mid off fielder. Laxman was strong square of the wicket while his wristy flicks and pulls stole the show.

Virat Kohli (India)

Kohli’s wide stance and the way he moves his front leg in the line of middle stump helps him to get to the pitch of the ball quickly. The former India skipper possesses solid technique when it comes to his defensive push. While playing the straight drive his elbow is in the same line of the the front foot while his head is still which helps him to connect and time the ball cleanly.

Don Bradman (Australia)

Sir Don Bradman possessed one of the finest straight drives during the 1920s & 30s. The late legendary batter used his right hand just as a support base yet he could middle the ball perfectly through the gap in between mid on an mid off fielder.

Alistair Cook (England)

Cook possessed a solid defense and technique and had the temperament to adjust to different conditions and wickets. His straight drive elagant and effortless combined with his extended follow through that helped him to place the ball correctly in the gaps. Cook temperament allowed him to built his innings patiently.

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