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KhelBro: Play Ludo And Win Real Cash

Ludo is one of the most popular games in India and one of the most played too. Every household in India for sure has played Ludo during family gatherings. Since the online version of the game was introduced, people played virtually with their friends and family.

What is better than a platform that provides you with the best experience of Ludo and other games? Khelbro is here to grab your attention for sure.

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What is KhelBro?

What is KhelBro?

KhelBro is an HTML 5 game-publishing company that aims to provide a wide range of games at a faster rate. Players can earn money and the best part is it is exclusively available only for Indian players. Battle it out with your friends and win cash for your victory, all in one place. 

It is India’s growing esports and mobile gaming platform and offers many fun and interesting games like Ludo, Carrom, Chess, and more. Khelbro offers the player unlimited genres of games like arcade, action, sports, racing, puzzles, and so much more. You might get tired before you get the chance to play all the games, but the games won’t end. Khelbro has more than 25,000 users as it offers better deals than other platforms.

How to get Registered?

Now you might be wondering about the registration. For Khelbro registration, all you have to do is open the official Khelbro site which is

Sign Up

  • If you have visited the site for the first time, click on the option of Sign Up.
  • After clicking on Sign in, they will ask for your contact number.
  • Add the number and click on continue. Don’t forget to agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Now, you have to enter the KhelBro Referral Code to get a credit of Rs. 10 for signing up.
  • Verify your contact number with OTP and proceed.
  • You will see a series of games on the dashboard, select any, and play using the sign-up bonus you received.


If by chance you created an account before you can simply Log in if you know the password.

Before clicking on continue, read the information at the bottom. 

Things to keep in mind before Khelbro Registration 

  • The player should be 18+
  • The player should not be playing from the states of Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. 

How to Download Khelbro APK?

Khelbro is a highly appreciated APK file to download. Khelbro Download APK can be downloaded for your Android, iPhone, and even for your PC. 

For Khelbro download APK follow these simple steps

  1. Visit the official site of Khelbro.
  2. Click on the ‘’Download App’’ option which will appear on the home page
  3. After a while you will have to scan a QR code or enter your number to get the app link. 
  4. Now all you have to do is click on it and download the APK file. 
  5. You can install the app on your device, and accept every detail it asks for. 

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and Promotions

Enormous bonuses and promotions are available on Khelbro games, which is another reason why players love this company. 


It includes consolation prizes. Level redemptions. Each of these promotions has its terms and conditions

Furthermore, if you share your KhelBro referral code on social media, whoever signs in using your code will earn Rs.10 in their wallet. This is a good way of promoting the website.


It includes earning Rs. 10 free via PayTM Cash Daily which is an advantage for Paytm users. 

This can be accomplished by signing up through the Khelbro referral code.

Also, if you refer Khelbro Ludo to your friends, you can earn 1% of their winning amount every time they win a game.

Social Media Promotion

KhelBro has its social media handles which are always entertaining to watch. The platform has an Instagram account username – khel.bro where the content is always engaging and entertaining to watch. With the latest memes, Fun Trivia, and Q&A, the environment is always joyous and playful.

On Facebook, the platform has a good amount of reach. Their account keeps their fans engaged through memes and Q&A which increases the site’s traffic too. The Facebook Page is khelbro. Visit their social media accounts and you will really want to join the community of thousands of players on the platform. Win amazing bonuses and real cash and tag your family and friends along too.

Deposits and Withdrawals 

Now let’s talk about the deposits and withdrawals of the Khelbro games. According to the Finance Act 2023, the TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) policy is regulated on Khelbro online from April 1, 2023, for all the deposits and withdrawals on the platform. 

  • It is applicable at the time of withdrawal and deposit refund.
  • A 30% TDS is applied on any winning while withdrawing. 
  • It is also applied at the end of the financial year on the player’s year-end wallet, which is considered a withdrawal amount. 
  • April 1 to March 31 is considered as financial year. 
  • After the TDS is applied to the remaining balance, it will be shifted to the next financial year as a deposit balance. 
  • This shifted balance will be considered as your investment for the next year without any TDS applied. 
  • Your total winning for the year will depend on the total withdrawals minus total deposits. 
  • For example- if you win 10000, no TDS will be deducted and your whole amount will be deposited to your withdrawal wallet. 

Indian Friendly Payment Methods

Khelbro uses popular payment methods like Amazon Pay, Paytm Wallet, Bank Transfer, and many more. The players can use either of the methods for their financial transactions from Khelbro games. 

Furthermore, after winning a game on Khelbro, you will receive the winning amount instantly on your Amazon Pay or Bank Account through UPI.

Top 3 Popular Games Available At Khelbro

Popular Games Available At Khelbro

Khelbro already has all the games that an Indian household loves to play. However, just like every site or company has some more popular gems than the rest, a few Khelbro games are top-rated. Some of these include: 

1. Yodha Ludo

This is the most popular game on the website which will give you a new and better gaming experience. As the name suggests, you play like a warrior in this ludo. Battling the odds against your opponent and winning big. ‘’Haare hue match ko jeet lene waale ko KhelBro Yodha kehte hain,” this line truly represents how much seriousness the players show while playing the game. 

2. KhelBro Ludo

Another ludo game that is quite famous among the players is KhelBro Ludo. You can play against thousands of players from all over the world. You have the option of inviting your friends or family for a private game.

Furthermore, you have the option of using emojis and setting different themes like disco, night, candy, and many more to enhance the game experience. The number of times you win is not fixed, you can participate in daily contests and tournaments and win prizes daily. 

3. CallBreak

It is an easy card game that is quite famous in India. The game uses a single deck of cards which involves techniques like bidding, and tricks. At the start of the game, the players have to bid and by the end of the game, they should be able to score the exact number or more tricks to get rewarded

2 Main Reasons Why Khelbro is No.1 Choice For Indian Ludo Players

KhelBro gives you so many games in one, so why would you not play on such an amazing platform right? There are many reasons for its popularity in India but 2 reasons are considered as the cornerstone of this company. The reasons are

1. Refund/Cancellation Policy

The main reason why players love to use GameBro for playing games is its refund and cancellation policy.

If any player is not satisfied with their experience on the website or app, KhelBro always help regarding your refund or cancellation. 

 Upon receiving your refund request, they inspect the situation and notify you. 

If the refund request is approved, you receive your refund within 7 days. 

You feel secure and assured by their quick response which makes you appreciate the website more. 

2. Responsible Gaming

Khelbro’s mission is that all its players play responsibly with a commitment to help all those who want to stop playing or limit their expenses for the games. 

Furthermore, they have issued certain guidelines for playing games:

  1. Players need to be above the age of 18 for a fruitful experience.
  2. Players can request to temporarily or permanently block their account if they need to take a break. This ensures their privacy.
  3. They have the option to keep a check on their gaming behavior via ‘Guide to Responsible Play’.

Apart from this KhelBro also offers a list of best practices to help the players play responsibly: 

The games it offers are only for entertainment, so try to play moderately and not completely immerse yourself in the games.

  • The best policy is not to play to earn money or escape problems. 
  • If you feel you have lost quite a lot of money don’t get desperate to win it back.
  • Always use the Add Cash limit option to keep control of the amount you spend on the games.
  • Keep a record of the time you spend on the games. Consider it a leisure activity and not an important one.

Why do ludo players Love KhelBro

Furthermore, there are other reasons why it is such a loved platform:

Every player wants their money as soon as possible when they are playing online. Khelbro has the fastest withdrawal so you don’t have to wait for the reward. The users can compete in tournaments and battles and if they win they get instant cashback through Amazon Pay, Paytm Wallet, and bank account. 

Your winning does not depend on mere luck on Khelbro, unlike gambling. Here you have to use the games of skill where success depends on the knowledge, attention, and experience of the player. This is another reason why it is the best choice. Here the success is not uncertain but entirely depends on the player. 

 Players Reviews 

  • Players love Khelbro immensely and shower their love through their comments and reviews to make the gaming experience even more memorable
  • Most of the players have found reliable connectivity with the company. They feel the minimal downtime helps them experience uninterrupted gaming sessions. Thus it makes the platform a reliable choice.
  • Furthermore, the players find KhelBro a ‘’joyous escape’’ that offers both entertainment and seriousness. 
  • It has a user-friendly interface and lots of options which enhances the gaming experience. The players never get bored or fed up while playing, it always keeps the gaming spirit high.
  • Moreover, some players have found the platform as a boost of confidence. When players repeatedly secure profits their skills and strategic decision making enhances.
  • Players have gained new heights of community building and new friends online through the games it offers. The best gaming experience ever!
  • Many families describe it as their weekend family tradition and a soulful companion during holidays. They love the platform’s accessibility and customizable game modes which create an environment of inclusiveness regardless of age.
  • Some players also consider the platform to be their guide and mentor in enhancing their risk management strategy, focus and skills all in oneplace.

Customer Support

Customer Support

If you have any queries or complaints regarding the platform or the games it offers then you can reach out to the customer support team. They would reach out to you instantly and try to solve your issues as soon as possible. 

For further details contact:


Management Company Address

Ending Words

Enjoy the world of exciting games with KhelBro; your No.1 platform for the best gaming experience. If you are a die-heart ludo fan, then this platform is highly recommended which offers you not one, but three ludo games, each having a different experience.