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Ten Best Hook Shot Players in Cricket

the author

Devang Joshi

date post

Jul 03, 2024

Ten Best Hook Shot Players in Cricket


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Playing a hook shot is always difficult, as it requires quick hand-eye coordination, fast hands, balance, and solid technique to hook the ball.

A bowler uses a bouncer to test the batter, but it all depends on how the batter keeps their head still and adjusts their footwork to hook the ball, depending on the batter’s technique, balance, and concentration to keep eyes on the ball till the last moment.

In this piece, we discuss ten batters who played some graceful hook shots. The batters mentioned in the list adjusted their playing techniques depending on the wickets they played and the conditions.

We take a look at the ten best hook shot players.


Sachin Tendulkar (India)

Like his pull shots, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar played some magnificent hook shots that split the gaps with ease and sometimes went into the crowd.

The former India legend used the pace of the fast bowler to put the ball in the gaps. Tendulkar got over the ball quickly with his stable balance and directed the ball wonderfully in the gaps. Like his cover drives, it was always a pleasure watching him play the hook shot.


Ricky Ponting (Australia)

‘Punter’ as he was fondly called got into the position quickly to judge the length. The former Australian skipper got over the ball early, while his quick bat speed enabled him to get the width early.

The former right-hander adjusted his footwork depending on the wicket while playing the hook shots. He hooked the ball on the front foot as well as the back foot.


Jacques Kallis (South Africa)

Arguably one of the greatest all-rounders in the history of the game, Kallis had a stellar career with the bat as well as the ball.

When it came to playing the hook shot, the former all-rounder opened his shoulders and used his wrists and forearms to keep the shot grounded rather than hitting it in the air. The former right-hander showcased solid technique while playing elegant hook shots.


Vivian Richards (West Indies)

‘Sir Vivian Richards’ was one of the most destructive batters during the 1970s and 1980s. The charismatic cricketer faced some of the best pacers of his generation with a resolute approach.

It was quite amazing to see him hook the ball fearlessly when there were no helmets and yet he managed to do it so effortlessly. Richards judged the length with his clever batting sense and depending on the length a pacer bowled to him.


Brian Lara (West Indies)

Lara was one of the finest hook shot players during the 1990s, as the former West Indies skipper got into the position quickly, and his high backlift and bat speed enabled him to direct the ball in the gaps with power.

The former left-hander brought his wrists into play very firmly, while his elbow position was right under his head, which helped him put the ball in the gap accurately.


AB De Villiers (South Africa)

‘Mr. 360 degree’ as he was fondly called showcased his stroke play all around the wicket, but when it came to his hook shot, the former South Africa skipper and right-hander struck the ball powerfully with his strong bottom hand coming into play and keeping his eyes on the ball till the last moment. The way he hooked a good-length ball on the front foot was incredible.


Ian Chappell (Australia)

Chappell was one of the most elegant stroke players during the 1960s and 1970s when it came to hooking the ball. The former Australian skipper and right-hander stroked the ball with delicate control to guide the ball into the gap without using enough power.


Gordon Greenidge (West Indies)

Greenidge managed to adjust his footwork and technique while playing the hook shot with ease. The former West Indies opener and right-hander showcased tremendous hand-eye coordination and balance, even on fast, bouncy wickets, to deposit the ball into the crowd by hooking the ball effortlessly.

In overcast conditions like England, Greenidge played the hook shots more on the back foot as the ball made initial movement after landing.


Aravinda de Silva (Sri Lanka)

De Silva was pivotal for Sri Lanka during the 1996 World Cup. The former Sri Lankan batter played many match-winning innings in his career.

De Silva hooked the ball with authority on the front foot as well as the back foot. He was predetermined to play the hook shots when the ball was pitched around the middle and leg area.


Brendon McCullum (New Zealand)

McCullum got into the position quickly to play the hook shot with his quick bat speed and early front foot movement.

The former New Zealand skipper and right-hander kept his head still till the last moment and hooked the ball standing tall on his toes, which was quite incredible. The former wicketkeeper batter hooked the ball hard when the ball was short of length.

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