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Ten Best Pull Shot Players in Cricket

the author

Buvanesh Thiraviam

date post

Jun 09, 2024

best pull shot players


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A Pull shot is arguably one of the toughest shots in cricket. Fast bowlers used this delivery to intimidate the batters and create psychological pressure in their minds. As time progressed and as the game evolved batters became more fearless and started to execute this shot more often when they were tested with bouncers.

Playing a bouncer requires stubborn technique, hand-eye coordination and balance. In this piece, we discuss players who played the pull shots courageously. These players possessed different techniques but executed the pull shots without getting bogged down. We take a look at these batters in detail:

Ricky Ponting (Australia)

Ponting possessed quick hands as his bat speed allowed him to come to the ball quickly. The former Australian skipper was one of the cleanest pull-shot players of his generation. His quick extension of his arms and tendency to shuffle and take his front leg forward allowed him to read the line of the ball early. “Punter” also used the pace of a fast bowler to play the pull shot and guide it in the gaps.

Vivian Richards (West Indies)

Arguably one of the fearless pull shot players during the 1970s and 1980s Sir Vivian Richards made the pull shot look so easy when most batters used to dodge the bouncers. During that period there were no helmets yet the right-hander from Antigua fearlessly pulled the ball while facing some of the deadliest pacers. His backfoot pulls were even more surprising as he managed to get into the position so quickly.

Gordon Greenidge (West Indies)

Greenidge was another West Indian who dominated the bowlers at will. The right-handed opener had a unique way of playing pull shots. He used to shuffle across the off stump with his bat swing moving horizontally he got the room to lift his front knee towards the chest which enabled him to generate power while his back foot was perfectly balanced. This technique helped him to play the shot towards the square leg.

Sachin Tendulkar (India)

It was quite amazing to see how Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar could middle the ball even on fast bouncy wickets. The former India legend never hit the ball hard, but his timing was pure class. He moved towards the off stump while playing the pull shots which enabled him to have a clear view right in front of his chest and time the ball in the gap.

Brian Lara (West Indies)

Lara’s most unique method was his shuffle across the stumps which helped him to judge the length early and play the shot towards the chest combined with his high back lift that ensured enough power into the shot. The former skipper’s backlift facing towards the point or gully area ensured he was in the right position to play the shot.

Herschelle Gibbs (South Africa)

Gibbs possessed charisma, which was reflected in how he batted and played his shots. It was amazing to see how he could pull the ball with a limited backlift. He could play the pull shot towards the square leg or through the mid-on area. His pull shots were a combination of elegance and fine balance. Playing a pull shot was like stand and deliver for the former South Africa opener.

Virat Kohli (India)

Kohli tends to shuffle his back foot while playing the pull shot that helps him get into the scoring position early. His front foot helps him complete his shot while his back foot helps him maintain his balance. The right-hander tends to pick the length early and this was visible when he played some outstanding pull shots and scored centuries on Australian wickets.

David Warner (Australia)

Warner tends to shuffle across the off stump while playing the pull shot but when the bouncer is bowled around the leg stump area the Australian opener manages to play it towards the square leg area. Warner possesses quick hands and a strong bottom hand that enables him to generate power. The left-handed opener sometimes plays the shot near his chest when bowled towards the middle and leg.

Ben Stokes (England)

Stokes is a powerful striker of the ball. The left hander moves his front foot forward with a quick bat swing and maintains balance on his back leg. The all rounder’s technique allows him to have a clear view of the ball which enables him to play the shot near the chest height area. Another factor is his height which also enables him to him his head still.

Rohit Sharma (India)

Arguably one of the finest timers in modern day cricket, the India skipper’s batting is a mix of lazy elegance and effortless timing. The right hander can play the pull shot well on the back foot as well as the front foot. When the ball is short of length Rohit plays the shot near square leg and if its around good length area he tends to wait at pull it over fine leg.

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