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What is Chucking in Cricket?

the author

Devang Joshi

date post

Jul 08, 2024

What is chucking in cricket?


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In cricket, there is a set of rules like in any other sport to maintain fairness in the game. The ICC (International Cricket Council) has fixed a limit of 15 degrees, which is permitted for straightening of the elbow joint while bowling.

So what is chucking in cricket? We elaborate on this in detail.


Chucking in Cricket

Chucking is an illegal bowling action when a bowler throws the ball instead of delivering it smoothly. If the bowler bends the elbow joint over 15 degrees while delivering the ball, it is called chucking.

As per the laws of the game, only shoulder rotation is allowed to add variation. The umpire can announce a no ball if they find that the bowler is chucking as per the rules.

As per the ICC’s rules, the bowling arm should pass the shoulder height and the point from where the ball is delivered. During the time of a legal delivery, the elbow joint must bend.

The ICC uses high-tech biomechanics and experts in this field to check whether the bowler is bowling a legal delivery. If any bowler’s action is found to be illegal, then he/she is permitted to take part in international cricket once the action is rectified.


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Rules of the Bowling Action

As per the rules, a delivery is fair if the bowler’s arm reaches near the height of the shoulder while delivering the ball and the elbow joint is not straightened partially or completely till the ball is delivered.

In short, the elbow joint must not straighten once the bowling arm reaches the shoulder until the time of delivery, but wrist movement is allowed while delivering the ball.


Why is Chucking an Illegal Act in Cricket?

Chucking is illegal as it gives an undue advantage to the bowlers. Suppose a bowler bends his/her arm over 15 degrees, then that bowler can bowl with more speed, which can cause problems for the batters.

In the same way, chucking also gives an undue advantage to the spinners. The spinners can offer more rotations, which are unfair and illegal as per the rules of the sport.

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