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List: ICC Members and the Regional Bodies in Cricket

the author

Buvanesh Thiraviam

date post

May 11, 2024


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Like every sport, cricket also has a global governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC). The ICC administers the sport globally through its code of conduct and organises major cricket tournaments.

However, the global governing body doesn’t interfere in any member country’s cricketing activities, be it international bilateral series or domestic tournaments.

Thus, every member country has set up their cricket board to govern the sport within their geographical area.

This article will glance at the list of regional bodies established in cricket.

Full Members of ICC

The ICC has awarded full membership to 12 national governing bodies, with all of them eligible to play Tests, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and T20Is.

The representatives from Australia, England, and South Africa established the ICC in June 1909. Since then, 9 bodies have come on board as full members, with Afghanistan and Ireland being the latest entrants in 2017.

Here is a list of ICC’s full members:


Governing Body

Full Member Since



Cricket Australia

15 June 1909

East Asia-Pacific


England and Wales Cricket Board

15 June 1909


South Africa

Cricket South Africa

15 June 1909



Board of Control for Cricket in India

31 May 1926


New Zealand

New Zealand Cricket

31 May 1926

East Asia-Pacific

West Indies

Cricket West Indies

31 May 1926



Pakistan Cricket Board

28 July 1952


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Cricket

21 July 1981



Zimbabwe Cricket

6 July 1992



Bangladesh Cricket Board

26 June 2000



Afghanistan Cricket Board

22 June 2017



Cricket Ireland

22 June 2017


Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)

The BCCI, which administers cricket in India, was founded in December 1928. It is the richest national cricket board in the world. 

The board organises bilateral series with other ICC member boards and prominent domestic tournaments like the Ranji Trophy, IPL, and WPL. The BCCI is also one of the founding members of the Asian Cricket Council.

England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

The ECB overlooks cricketing activities across England and Wales. The board has its headquarters at Lord’s Cricket Ground — the home of cricket.

They are responsible for the development of cricket in England and organise domestic tournaments like the County Championship and the Hundred.

Cricket Australia (CA)

Cricket Australia governs cricketing activities within the limits of Australia. The board is based out of Melbourne, Australia. 

The CA runs several domestic tournaments in the country, with the Sheffield Shield, Men’s BBL, and Women’s BBL being the most prominent ones.

Associate Members of ICC

Apart from the 12 full members, the ICC has granted associate membership to 96 national boards. These members don’t have any larger say in the ICC.

Moreover, all the associate members are not eligible to play Test cricket. However, since 2018, all associate members have been awarded T20I status (July 2018 onwards for women’s games and January 2019 onwards for men’s games). And a handful of associates have ODI status based on their performances in tournaments organised by the ICC.

Regional Bodies

There are 5 regional bodies that work towards the development of cricket over larger geographical areas, going beyond national boundaries.

Asian Cricket Council (ACC)

The ACC was founded in 1983 in New Delhi, India. The aim of the council is to promote cricket across the length and breadth of Asia.

Over 25 national boards are part of the ACC. All these members participate in the regional competitions organised by the ACC, including the men’s and women’s Asia Cup.

Africa Cricket Association (ACA) 

Similar to that of the ACC, the Africa Cricket Association looks after the development of cricket on the African continent. Established in 1997, the regional body has over 23 national boards as members. 

ICC Europe

The ICC Europe replaced the European Cricket Council in 2008. The European body now promotes and administers the sport across Europe, with 34 members associated with it.

ICC Americas 

The ICC Americas body oversees cricket development in Northern America, Central America, Southern America, and the Caribbean Islands. They are also responsible for organising the regional qualification tournaments.

ICC East Asia-Pacific 

The ICC East Asia-Pacific administers cricket in parts of East Asia and the Pacific Ocean region. Over 12 members are part of the regional body that also ensures qualification tournaments.

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