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Ten Best Offside Fielders in Cricket

the author

Devang Joshi

date post

Jun 27, 2024

Ten Best Offside Fielders in Cricket


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In cricket, fielding in any position is challenging, especially on the offside, as the bowlers always try to bowl near the middle and off areas. Whether it is fielding at mid-off, point, covers, or long-off areas, fielding on the offside is definitely a challenge.

In this piece, we discuss ten fielders who manned the offside with authority, irrespective of their fielding position. These fielders had their own fielding techniques, but they managed to change the outcome of a game for their teams with a brilliant catch, run out, or by saving runs by fielding at any given position on the offside.

We take a look at the ten best offside fielders in cricket:


Jonty Rhodes (South Africa)

Although Jonty Rhodes was one of the most athletic fielders at the backward point, the former South African batter was also a brilliant fielder at mid-off and long-off. He took some sensational catches and managed to affect a run out during crucial situations at different fielding positions on the offside.


Paul Collingwood (England)

The former England all-rounder and captain would stand at point or cover area, but he was one of the finest when it came to fielding at mid-off and long-off areas, where he saved many runs and took some outstanding catches. Collingwood was arguably the best fielder in the English set-up during his generation.


Ricky Ponting (Australia)

Ponting was a tremendous fielder when it came to saving runs inside the circle. The former Australian skipper stood at point or backward point where he inflicted some match-winning run outs. Alongside this, Ponting was a brilliant fielder at mid-off and covers where he affected run outs through direct hits.


Suresh Raina (India)

Raina was another brilliant fielder who stood at point or cover areas where he took some stunning catches, but he was equally capable of manning the mid-off and long-off areas where he saved a lot of runs with his athletic fielding.


Yuvraj Singh (India)

Arguably India’s best fielder, Yuvraj Singh, manned the point and cover area with authority and made fielding look easy, taking some sensational catches diving in the air. His accurate throws to affect crucial run outs changed the outcome of a game. Yuvraj fielded with a lot of enigma and electrifying energy at mid-off and even at long-off, where he saved a lot of runs.


Mohammad Kaif(India)

Kaif complimented Yuvraj in the fielding department, and the two stood like rocks. Kaif stood at the cover, but he fielded with a lot of intensity at different fielding positions on the offside. He took some stunning catches and affected clever run outs with his smart positioning in the field.


Herschelle Gibbs (South Africa)

Gibbs was one of the most electric fielders on the offside, especially inside the ring. When it came to saving crucial runs with his athletic saves, Gibbs was simply amazing. He fielded at point and cover areas, and when it came to affecting run outs during the run of play, Gibbs was simply brilliant with his sharp hand-eye coordination and quick throws.


Steve Smith (Australia)

Smith is arguably one of the finest modern-day fielders. Whether it is standing at slips, point, cover, or mid-off, the right-hander can field in any position on the offside. Smith’s quick movement and his sharpness to judge the height of the ball to take a diving catch are quite amazing. He has affected run outs with his clever positioning at point.


Chris Harris (New Zealand)

Harris was one of the best fielders in the 1990s. The former all-rounder made some stunning saves while standing at point to affect a run out during the run of play. He grabbed some brilliant aerial catches.


Ravindra Jadeja (India)

Whether it is standing at the cover, point, mid-off, or long-off, ‘Sir Ravindra Jadeja’ can affect sharp and accurate direct hits with his strong throws. The Indian all-rounder has taken some exceptional diving catches on the offside.

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