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A lottery syndicate is a group of people who buy lottery tickets together with the agreement to share the prize money. Having more tickets for the same draw will greatly improve the odds of winning. Learn more in the lottery syndicate guide!

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Apr 03, 2020

Online lottery syndicate


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Guide to online lottery syndicate

An online lottery syndicate gives you a much better chance at winning the jackpot without having to increase your budget. It is a perfect way to take part in lotteries and not spend any more money than you would playing normally. Your few tickets can actually land you a big prize!

What is a lottery syndicate

Description of a lottery syndicate

A lottery syndicate is basically a group of players who opt to buy lottery tickets together and then share the prizes based on the contribution made to the final budget. It is simple and it is often used by friends, family and coworkers. Now, you can also do it safely online with strangers by means of CasinoWebsites.

How to play lottery syndicate online?

Taking part in a lottery syndicate online is now easier than ever before thanks to the trusted sites mentioned above. These allow customers to enter the best lottery syndicates and buy as many tickets as they wish. All you have to do is opt for the syndicate option and you are set!

What happens when you win?

When the lottery syndicate wins, the prize amount is divided amongst all members based on how many tickets they purchased as part of the syndicate.

What happens when you lose?

If there are no lottery syndicate winners, nothing happens. There are no prizes to divide up and the participants can try their luck again on the next draw.

Benefits of online lottery syndicates

  • You can play more tickets for a smaller cost.
  • There is a much better chance of winning.
  • The excitement is shared with other players.
  • Use of different strategies for better results.
  • Completely safe at the best lottery syndicate sites.
  • Improves your odds of hitting the big jackpot.
  • Access to all the big lotteries in the world

How to join a lottery syndicate online?

To take part in a lottery betting syndicate right now, you just have to go to one of the top sites featured above. Register and pick your favorite lottery. You will find several options available and you can simply secure your syndicate lottery entry by buying shares for the one you like.

Is it possible to play a lottery syndicate from a mobile app?

Yes! Nowadays, everything is done through mobile apps and playing the lottery is no exception. You can download and install a lottery syndicate app for free within a couple of minutes and get started with your mobile gaming. This way, you will always have the option to join a lottery syndicate in India and win your share of the prize.

Types of online lottery syndicates

Random selection
In this case, all of the numbers are selected randomly. Since the winning numbers are also extracted at random, this is often the preferred method.

A systematic approach will cover more unique combinations out of a given set of numbers for a better chance of winning that big lottery jackpot.

Additional numbers match guaranteed
The tickets here cover all possible combinations of the additional numbers in the lottery, while the others are selected randomly. Many players prefer this approach.

Guaranteed number match
Each line will have one changing number that spans all of the syndicate lottery tickets to guarantee that at least one number will match the draw.

Lines and total shares in lottery syndicates

Lines: The lines in an online lottery syndicate refer to the number combinations for the draw. They are also known as tickets or blocks. Each additional line is another chance at winning a big prize, or even the jackpot. The lines are purchased by the syndicate before the draw.

Total shares: A lottery syndicate is divided into parts, also known as shares. Each share can be made out of one or several lines. Members of the syndicate can buy shares, which will determine their cut of the prize money. Having more shares means a bigger part of the jackpot if won.

Calculating the odds of a lottery syndicate winning

Winning the jackpot in a standard 6/49 lottery is certainly not easy. The odds of success when buying one ticket are one in 13,983,816, which means a probability of 0.00000007151. However, if you buy two tickets with random numbers, the odds improve and become two in 13,983,816.

Now, imagine having more tickets. The odds will continue to get better and better with each additional ticket. The bad part is that the cost will also increase with each ticket purchase.

This is where lottery syndicates come in. They can improve the odds of winning the jackpot without increasing the cost per player. With 100 tickets, the odds are of one in 139,837, which is way better than what we had before. And if the syndicate has ten members with equal shares, this only means a cost of ten tickets per player.

A larger syndicate of 100 members, each with ten lines, will result in 1,000 tickets being purchased for the draw. This means that the odds of winning are one in 13,983, while the cost is still the same. You can tinker around with a lottery syndicate odds calculator to find the perfect spot for your group.

After hitting the jackpot, the amount is divided to the participants based on the lottery syndicate rules and so everyone wins!

Biggest lottery syndicate winners ever

Lottery syndicates have definitely had some success in recent years, claiming massive jackpots from some of the most popular lotteries in the world. The record of the biggest lottery syndicate win was set in January 2019, when a group of 23 coworkers in New York won the Mega Millions jackpot of $437 million. They opted for the lump sum and got over $262 million in winnings. Even after covering the lottery syndicate taxes in the state, each player walked away with $7.7 million.

Another impressive win took place in November 26, when the Powerball Jackpot of $420.9 million was won by a lottery syndicate made out of 20 members. The coworkers made an office pool that would change their lives, resulting in equal shares of $12.7 million, before taxes.

When one of the largest lottery jackpots in history was won in March 2012, there were three winning tickets that shared the $656 million sum. One of the tickets was owned by a syndicate made out of three friends, each putting in $20 to buy 60 tickets. Although they wished to remain anonymous, the three players shared a prize of $218.6 million and are thus the biggest lottery syndicate winners ever.

Best online lottery syndicate tips

  • Play more tickets to give the lottery syndicate a better chance of winning the massive jackpot.
  • Increase the number of members to get more tickets while keeping the costs the same for each player.
  • Choose the lottery with the best odds of winning and the biggest jackpots to make it all worth it.
  • Choose secure payment options. For example, Neteller and Skrill are modern e-wallets that offer fast transactions and total anonymity. Other great methods are PayPal and AstroPay.
  • Take part in fewer draws but with more tickets. Playing just half as often will double the tickets for a draw.
  • Go for randomly selected numbers to decrease the odds of sharing the jackpot with other winners.
  • Remember to have fun and enjoy the thrill of the experience when taking part in a lottery syndicate.

Are online lottery syndicates worth it?

Given the fact that you will benefit from a much better chance of winning the jackpot, it is safe to say that online lottery syndicates are totally worth it. For the price of just one or a few tickets, your odds of winning millions are greatly increased. Plus, it is very easy to take part in an online syndicate.

You can play lottery online at any of the recommended sites below.

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Yes, lottery syndicates are 100% legal and some lotteries even encourage them as a way for friends and family to take part in the action. However, the legal status of online gambling in India is quite complicated so make sure to read up on that before you start to play.

When a syndicate wins the jackpot in a lottery, the prize is requested as a lump sum and the money is divided amongst the participants.

Each ticket in a lottery syndicate has a set of numbers. If all the numbers match with the ones extracted in the draw, the ticket wins the jackpot.

Lottery winners are required to pay taxes according to local laws and regulations. However, there are no additional taxes for lottery syndicates to worry about.

The group wins the lottery jackpot if the numbers drawn perfectly match the numbers on any one ticket purchased as part of the lottery syndicate.

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