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How To Tell If A Poker Chip Is Real? Main Differences To Know

Author Shruti

the author

Shruti J.

date post

Dec 21, 2021

How To Tell If A Poker Chip Is Real


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Poker is a famous game that you can enjoy in any casino. You play this game using some poker chips. But there are some ways to play poker without chips. If you plan to find some poker chips, you have come to the right place. In this article, we guide you on how to tell if a poker chip is real or not. Besides, if you plan to make your chips using some techniques, you must know some points. We will cover all these points in this article.

Do you know the authenticity and reality of poker chips? We give you traceable techniques the casinos suggest in knowing the authenticity of chips. They help identify the winner of the game. When you play poker in the casino, more chips will give you more advantage in the game. Also, more poker chips give you high stakes to play. But if you find that some people try to use fake poker chips, you should know how to tell if a poker chip is real?

The Main Reason behind Using the Fake Poker Chips

First, we will tell you some reasons behind using fake poker chips to answer how to tell if a poker chip is real. Besides, if you use fake poker chips in place of currency outside the casino, it is illegal. Also, you cannot use those chips within the casino other than the table games. You will find some people selling poker chips outside the premises of the casinos. People buy fake poker chips, unfortunately. It is an illegal task, but casinos do nothing because there are no reasons.

How To Tell If A Poker Chip Is Real

Earning Money through Poker Chips

Is Using Counterfeit Poker Chips an Illegal Activity?

If someone tries to copy the poker chips, it is an illegal activity. Even the possession of such duplicate poker chips is a crime. Hence, all the players should be familiar with the security measures that casinos use and apply for the poker chips. Besides, you must know what the points of difference between fake and real poker chips are.

Why do You Need Poker Chips?

It would be best if you had poker chips for placing bets all the time when you play a poker game. The same happens when you play casual games with your family and friends. If you play cash games, the chips will have some monetary value starting from $1. Even some casinos have the worth of poker chips exceeding $100,000.

Loss from Fake Poker Chips Occurs Rarely

In addition, casinos lose money due to fake poker chips rarely. Casinos have implemented different security features in their poker chips. So it is easy for casinos to identify fake poker chips. Besides, there are two methods for everyone to prevent themselves from facing fake chips. These ways are learning the difference between fake and real poker chips and not buying the poker chips outside the premises of the casinos.

The Difference between Fake and Real Poker Chips

Copying poker chips is an easy task. You need to know how real poker chips look like. The objective of cheap imitations is to make chips look like real chips. These imitations include graphics, paint, and material to imitate the looks of real poker chips. This is a bad process because inexperienced players can make fake poker chips.

Additionally, the more value of poker chips gives rise to making counterfeit chips for monetary benefits. Due to these reasons, it becomes necessary for casinos to take suitable measures to stop using fake poker chips. Therefore, casinos apply various techniques and strategies to ensure that they have protected their business and assets. These techniques are helpful in answering how to tell if a poker chip is real. 

The Signs that will Help You to Find out the Real Poker Chips

Casinos use different methods to answer how to tell if a poker chip is real or not. These methods include serial numbers, UV links, and images. Some casinos use RFID tags for their high-value poker chips. It is impossible to make such duplicate poker chips. Even these methods and security measures make it impossible to use counterfeit poker chips. The following signs help identify that whether the poker chips are real or not:

Weight of Poker Chips

It is always interesting to play poker with real chips. But if you decide to make fake poker chips, it is not a good idea. Hence, you must be familiar with the signs of real poker chips. You may think that poker chips are of the standard size, and they vary from each other. Moreover, there is a general perception that poker chips should be 11.5 grams. But it is only a myth, not reality. The poker chips in Las Vegas Casinos are of the weight of almost 8.5 grams to 10.6 grams. These casinos use the poker chips of ceramic or clay.

Stamps or Markings on Poker Chips

All the casinos have markings or stamps showing that they belong to which casinos. Even you can perceive poker chips as currency marking because they are acceptable in Las Vegas. Besides, some casinos use foreign poker chips for their guests. But there are some limits if the same operators run and own these casinos. However, poker chips without any logo or marking are perceived as fake chips in gambling.

Various Colors of the Poker Chips and their Values

Casinos used their specific colors, identifying various values of the poker chips in the past. But it has turned into a standard these days. There are different values for various poker chips. For instance, orange chips have a value of $1000. Casinos call them Pumpkins. Purple chips have a value of $500. Casinos call them by Barneys. Black chips have a value of $100. Green chips have a value of $25. Casinos call them by Quarters. Red chips have a value of $5. Casinos call them by Nickels. Blue chips have a value of $1.

The Difference in the Colors of Poker Chips of all Casinos

Can you imagine how many shades there are in the same color market? You may ask any designer or artist. Also, you can decide to repaint your house. You will feel that there are so many shades of those colors beyond your imagination. Even all casinos have declared the value of green chips $25. But there are some differences in the colors. As a result, there is no possibility that the poker chips of different casinos will match. Hence, every casino has distinct poker chips of different colors that are unmatched.

Different Colors Depicting Table Limits

Different colors of poker chips depict the value of these chips to avoid fake players, but they show table limits. The specific signs of the poker chips depict betting limits. For instance, the green sign depicts the minimum wage of $25. The red sign depicts the minimum wage of $5.

Design, Look, and Weight are not the Features to Determine Real Poker Chips

Identifying fake chips through features like design, look, and weight is not reliable. These features will not help you answer how to tell if a poker chip is real. Indeed the expensive poker chips look more real. If some players do not have enough skills imitating the poker chips of $100 will not be difficult. If someone asks you to use weight to determine fake poker chips, it is not true.

Casinos use a standard weight for their chips. Also, they do not use it as a determinant for checking the authenticity of their poker chips. The reason is that it is useless to imitate the weight of poker chips. Most casinos use clay in making their poker chips. So players can use metal to make poker chips look like real chips or heavier.

Moreover, there are some fake poker chips that casino staff members can ignore. Casinos are well familiar with this fact. If you give some player $300 to imitate a $500 chip, it will look the same regardless of the imperfections of chips.

So it is difficult for the players to determine the authenticity of poker chips. Even they feel and look like poker chips involving all the imperfections. These imperfections are the only factor to determine the authenticity of poker chips. Besides, casinos use security features to ensure that nobody replicates their poker chips regardless of the costs spent on those security measures.

How To Tell If A Poker Chip Is Real

Customized Poker Chips of the Casino

What are the Different Security Features Adopted by Casinos for Protecting Poker Chips?

After answering how to tell if a poker chip is real, the next step is to stop this illegal activity. But sometimes, casinos do nothing for such type of trade. The reason is that it is cheaper to make a chip of $10 for paying its value. You can think of how much casinos are earning from $1000 chips. But it makes the space for an industry that deals in selling poker chips online. It gives rise to the open market of fake poker chips. Indeed there is no need to go online to search them out.

Casinos can stop using fake poker chips by adopting specific measures. The security features depend on the value of poker chips. Casinos use more sophisticated measures for more valuable poker chips. Below there are some features that casinos may use for protecting their poker chips:

Using Camera System for Monitoring

In the beginning, the main objective of the camera system was to protect casinos from cheating. But with the improvement in the system, casinos use the camera system to monitor all the activities within the premises of casinos. They detect if anybody uses the fake poker chips.

Artwork, Images, and Printed Logos for Poker Chips

The cheapest method to imitate the poker chips is to use easily removable graphics. But the laser images within the chips are impossible to remove. Some casinos use various picture combinations with small detailing that an inexperienced eye cannot determine.

Serial Numbers

When there is a huge theft, serial numbers in poker chips help decommission them. There is no need to take out all the poker chips. Rather, the casinos can find out the missing poker chips. Then they can declare them invalid for cashing out by the players.

Holographic Images

It is difficult and expensive for people to imitate this feature. The reason is that this method uses advanced technology that makes it impossible for people to imitate. So using holographic images makes poker chips easy to check and secure. Hence, staff members can easily determine the fake chips.

RFID Chips

Some cunning players always try to imitate the fake poker chips. If you give $500 to copy the chip of $1000, it is doable. Nobody will tell you the difference between fake and real poker chips. But when casinos use RFID chips, it becomes impossible to use the fake poker chips because of the monitoring server.

UV Inks

If you look at the poker chips using naked eyes, you will see nothing. But most casinos use UV inks as a security measure for low-value chips. UV ink is an expensive material that makes using fake poker chips impossible for thieves.

Exclusivity of Poker Chips

If a poker chip goes out of the premises of the casino, it becomes useless. Even casinos will not accept such chips. So it becomes easy to avoid the use of fake chips. Besides, if some players try to use such chips at the different branches of the same casino, it will not accept them. Hence, the exclusivity feature helps the casino management to determine the fake poker chips.

Traceable Features of the Poker Chips

It is impossible to use fake chips because of their distinct features. All the poker chips have different colors and designs. They have exact weights. Besides, they have marked the special links that are only traceable through UV rays. So casinos track poker chips of high value especially. Hence, the players cannot use the fake chips of the value of $25 or more. But if they try to do so, casinos will trace them easily and punish them for using fake poker chips.

Tracking Devices for High-Value Poker Chips

Moreover, casinos use special tracking devices for the poker chips of high value like RFID tags. Such tags help the casinos know if some player has stolen the poker chips, tries to cheat the slot game machines, or tries to counterfeit the poker chips. Therefore, these poker chips act as security guards and assist the casinos in keeping the track record of different table games. Casinos can analyze the profit and loss occurring from each table game. Also, they can ensure that dealers handle all the transactions properly. Hence, players cannot pass their fake poker chips to the dealer, hoping that they will mix them into the pot by mistake.

Tracking Cashed Amount of Each Player

It is necessary to remember that all the casinos are grateful for such security measures and traceable activities. They help casinos in losing millions of dollars. Even these poker chips help casinos know the details of all the players cashing a large number of dollars, following their poker chips, and ensuring that the players are cashing out the right amount. So when some players enter the casino with fake poker chips, the casino will catch them red-handed using those counterfeit poker chips. But if some players dare to do so, they should be ready to end up the black book for themselves.

How To Tell If A Poker Chip Is Real

Various Values of Poker Chips

What to do if Casinos Find Some Fake Poker Chips?

Casinos take legal action against the players who try to misuse their rights while playing poker games. Some casinos ban such players who use unfair means in their games. Even in some cases, imprisonments are also given to some players using unfair means n casinos. These actions depend upon the policies of casinos. So the following actions casinos can take if they find someone using fake poker chips:

Picking Poker Chips from the Casino Floor is a Stealing Act

If you think it is the only part of the story, you are wrong. Finding money on the floor has not straightforward rules only. The casinos have made rules regarding the chips on the floor. They state that any poker chip on the floor belongs to the casino with unclear possession. So if some player picks the poker chips from the floor, the casino will consider this act stealing. But it is not that easy rule to implement in the casino, but it is tricky to enforce. However, the players do not take off the poker chips from the floor and try to cash those chips. Rather they play these poker chips at the table when the dealers are not familiar with the source of those poker chips.

Punishment for Using Counterfeit Poker Chips

In addition, there is a lax approach in some casinos to find out the poker chips. But if some players try to creep around the floors in the casino to search for the unclaimed chips or the lost poker chips in the slot machines, casinos will consider this act a lowlife behavior. Casinos can ban or remove such players. So players need to be careful if they try to repeat this act.

What if Players Try to Use Counterfeit Poker Chips?

If players find some poker chips at their friends’ house or couch, they can want to consider these options. They may return these poker chips to the casinos by explaining what happened. Sometimes, the players can cash these poker chips if security cameras prove that those players played a game in the casino and those poker chips were of high value. But the players should keep one point in mind that using fake poker chips or stealing some poker chips from the casinos can lead to imprisonment and heavy fines.

Do Not Try to Give Fake Chips to the Experts

Additionally, the old chips may have a higher value than their face value. The collectors will be ready to pay you huge money to get their historical piece of the casino. Indeed these collectors know that they are cashing their historical assets. So players should not use fake poker chips while dealing with those experts. It can be a bad experience for the players using counterfeit poker chips.

The Punishments When Some Players are Caught Using Counterfeit Poker Chips?

The casinos use several security measures to avoid counterfeit poker chips. Still, some players try to use counterfeit poker chips as real chips. So if casinos catch any players using those counterfeit poker chips, they will have to face serious consequences. The same incident was incurred with Leonard Martin when he used fake poker chips. When the cashiers felt that he was trying to cash counterfeit poker chips, the investigation team searched his details and belongings. They found sheets, glue, paint, and some paintbrushes. Also, he confessed his crime of using counterfeit poker chips of the value of $125. As a result, he had to face huge penalties. Even players committing such acts can face the penalties of six-year imprisonment.

People try to imitate poker chips. In comparison, some imitations need more details and elaboration, like using metals, paint of better quality, and graphics using laser technology. Special skills are required for making such detailed imitations. Still, it is hard to make fake poker chips using the right skills and enough funds, even if they pass the trained eyes of the casino staff. According to some experts, it is easy to use fake currency compared to using poker chips.

So it shows that using counterfeit poker chips is the most difficult task. Therefore, casinos have been advised not to use counterfeit poker chips ever. But if the players try to do so, they will go busted and banned from the casinos for breaking the rules.

Wrapping It Up: How To Tell If A Poker Chip Is Real?

Casinos have several techniques to answer how to tell if a poker chip is real. If someone thinks it is easy to use counterfeit poker chips, they live in the fool’s paradise. Besides, the reason is that every casino has its specific poker chips with specific markings, logos, and tags. There are particular tags for the poker chips having high value. So casinos will easily identify if someone tries to use fake poker chips. But if someone tries to counterfeit such poker chips, casinos have announced serious punishment like imprisonment and banned entry.

Poker chips are the currency when you play table games in the casinos. So you can expect that some people will try to use counterfeit poker chips. The reason is that if people justify using fake money bills, similarly, they have the justification for using fake poker chips.

The other reason for using fake poker chips is that people buy such chips online. Besides, the experts believe that it is easier to counterfeit currency than poker chips. So all the players should be careful if they think to counterfeit the poker chips.


Yes, the casinos are easily traceable if someone tries to use the fake poker chips.

Casinos can adopt the security measures such as artwork, images, printed logos, camera systems, holographic images, serial numbers, UV inks, and RFID chips to avoid using fake poker chips.

If casinos catch players using those counterfeit poker chips, they will have to face serious consequences like a ban or removal from the casino or imprisonment.

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