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How Do Casinos Make Money On Poker – All Effective Ways

Author Shruti

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Shruti J.

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Dec 21, 2021

How Do Casinos Make Money On Poker


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If you want to know the answer to this interesting question being a poker player, how do casinos make money on poker? This article is for you. There is nothing surprising about the fact that casinos are working to make money. Every game, including slots, baccarat, blackjack, or roulette, has some built-in benefit for the casinos, which you name the house edge. This house edge consists of some percentage points that differ from one game to another. They guarantee that casinos will make money for a long period. For instance, casinos earn $30 on the roulette game. But this percentage is different for the poker game.

Indeed all casinos are the source of great fun and entertainment. But they are the best opportunities for doing business as well. Casinos make profits from the players and guests in all the operations but in this article, we tell you how do casinos make money from poker?

How Do Casinos Make Money On Poker

Casinos Making Money From Poker

No House Edge in Poker?

Casinos follow a strategy to earn profits. They ensure that they get enough house edge in almost all the games on the gaming floor. They usually adopt this strategy in the long run. Therefore, casinos set the specific percentage of the slot machines to return to the player. Why craps have such odds, and when you see 0 in the casinos on the roulette wheel, there are reasons for that. But there is no house edge percentage in the case of poker. The reason is that players are not playing against the casinos. Rather they are playing against each other.

Ways Through Which Casinos Earn Huge Amount of Dollars on Poker

Casinos offer the amazing game of poker that is the apple of the eyes of many players because of its popular nature. They take the help of small chips in poker in multiple ways. Besides, you can also get drink and food facilities in casinos to avail yourself with money. There is a lot of information that you should know about how casinos make money on poker. Here are the details that will help you in knowing the amazing facts:


Rake is the charge or fee that casinos make in poker. Casinos get this charge from the players to cover the expenses and costs of the facilities that casinos have given to the customers and players. Besides, this charge is necessary to make a profit from the poker game. Rake has two different casinos, including time collection and pot rake. These two are significant categories.

Time Collection

There is no pot rake in the higher limit games. So there will be a time-based collection in this case. Casinos will collect the time collection rake every half-an-hour. Casinos will collect it in the following ways during the game:

  • Time Pot

Time pot is the collected amount from the first pot. This amount is over the particular amount.

  • Player Time

Player time is the collected amount of all the players of the game.

Before you start the game in casinos, games will let you know the kind of rake you take. However, if you cannot change the game, it is good to know where your money goes. Many experts prefer the pot rate because the value is always relative. Also, you will not feel that you pay for your time in the seat. But it is your personal choice ultimately.

Pot Rake

Pot rake is the most common method through which you can know how casinos make money on poker? Besides, a pot rake is a fee of scaled commission which the players pay on the pot of all the poker hands. The pot rake is usually between 2.5% to 10% on the pot on the maximum amount. Besides, casinos use some other non-percentage methods to take the rake.

Pot rake was used to cover the expenses of the game, traditionally like the income of the dealer for the night. More of the dealer’s income comes from the players’ tips. It is the main source of earning money from poker for the casinos. Generally, some cardrooms do not take the percentage rake when the players play the community card game like Texas Hold’em when there is no flop in hand in question. It refers to “no flop, no drop.”

Hourly Rates to Make Money on Poker

The method of collecting rake is the most popular way for cash games. But some casinos use a different model. Sometimes, you have to pay an hourly rate to sit at the poker table. It shows that casinos will not take money from the pot when playing the game. However, you will pay a fixed fee on an hourly basis. This option is not a bad option for you. But you must know this different model and its features.

What is the Difference Between Online and Brick-and-Mortar Rake?

There are some points of difference between online and brick-and-mortar rake, including rake-free sites, rewards, and bonuses. Some online poker games sites have found out that players do not like to have a percentage of the pot. They have ended the entire rake. Despite charging the percentage, these online sites target experienced poker players by charging the deposit or membership fee every month.

But it is not the better way for the casinos while recruiting more players interested in house-favorable games. But the serious poker players get the opportunity to play these games mostly. Due to the high costs of the operations of the online poker room, various companies offer rake-free rooms considering the aspect of bankruptcy.

Moreover, various online poker rooms that are financially stable offer rake-free games. They have some features depending on the online site. But the players should make sure that they read the small print because they will not always sign up for what they think.

Rewards for Rakeback Players

The other option that casinos, players, and online poker sites can avail of is a reward scheme which refers to Rakeback. In this strategy, casinos and online poker sites will return the tournament entrance fee or part of the rake to the players as an incentive to keep playing at the particular online poker website. This reward strategy was introduced in 2004. The professional players started using Rakeback to cut losses and increase profits as online poker became famous.

Various factors impact the amount of Rakeback, such as what stakes the player is putting on the line, how many tables are there, and how many hours are there. This value can be in thousands of dollars every month for the dedicated players.

It does not take time for professionals to begin using these systems, which gives rise to Rakeback benefits. The players use a less intensive strategy of losing in many tables while offsetting losses through Rakeback rewards. The players can calculate the Rakeback in the following ways:

  • Contributed Methods

According to this method, players can get awards depending on their actual contribution to the pot.

  • Dealt Method

According to this method, players can get the award on the same amount of Rakeback to all the players that are dealing into the hand.

How Do Casinos Make Money On Poker

Casinos Making Huge Money On Poker

Making Money Through Accommodation

When the players head to any big casinos to spend their vacation, which place do they select to stay? They can get a deal at the motels at cheap rates. They can stay at the place where they are coming to visit. This option is the favorite option for many people. The casinos can charge fees accordingly. Also, they can select a stand-alone hotel.

It is good for casinos when friends are flying out together for a weekend or a marriage ceremony celebrating with poker. All the poker rooms work to increase the bottom line of the resort. It relates to friendly parties. When you consider the big amount that comes when many poker players visit for more than a week for the big tournaments, you are in a hotel with many high-rollers. Also, there can be some worse people who can occupy the rooms.

Tournaments-The Best Way to Make Money for Casinos on Poker

Tournaments are a different game format where the players compete for poker chips. They try to compete with other players to reach the money stage. Hence, chip pots do not have a monetary value. Besides, the casinos cannot get their rake, unlike the cash games, even though the players will get the tournament rake ahead of time. For instance, a tournament of $100 will have a buy-in of $120 or $110. The extra $20 or $10 on the top of $100 is a rake. It will not go towards the pool of prizes. The casino will withhold the amount and use it to cover the expenses for organizing the event.

How are Tournaments Different from Live Platforms?

In addition, if the players play tournaments and focus on the rake, they will find the online games smaller than the live games with lower stakes. Besides, the online platforms do not have a lot of additional expenses for arranging the tournament. But the live platforms have to pay some amount to the floor space, tables, and dealers. Also, they have to organize everything to make the event pleasant. The players pay this additional cost.

When we talk about tournaments, fees are quite different from the other poker rooms. The casinos will collect the rake as an entrance fee for a typical tournament instead of the pot percentage. The players will see the tournament buy-in as $100 plus +$20. The smaller value will go to the house. Other times the buy-in is depicted as $100 with house expenses.

Other Income of Casinos

The poker rooms are the least profitable in almost all the casinos. With such contribution and small takings to revenue, while compared to the slots or blackjack, it is amazing that there are poker tables for the players.

The issue is that when the players look at the data and statistics surrounding the ways the casinos make money on poker, the players must look at the takings directly as a result of the game. So it shows that casinos make money on poker or other games. But there are some other places as well where casinos make huge money. Indeed casinos do not let any chance to make money because it is the business of casinos to earn huge profits.

Food and Drink

Casinos can make huge money from food and drink. Even if the casinos offer you free drinks at your tables, food and drink are better money makers for the casinos. Also, you can choose any casino-based resort. You will get several choices of cuisines to enjoy your favorite taste.

You can get free drinks while playing. It depends on where you eat. You may pay a little more money on the luxurious food of your favorite choice. Besides, the casino will benefit from the percentage of the amount that customers spend by renting out the space to eateries or in the restaurant. So poker rooms can lead you to the food and drink options of your choices in the casinos.

Making Money Through Entertainment and Shows

Every player needs a break from the cards regardless of whether you are Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson, or Phil Hellmuth. Casino resorts are familiar with this point. They know that there is no business similar to the show business. It does not matter when players plan to visit the most popular casinos in the world. There are always numerous entertainment opportunities and great acts to select and enjoy.

Additionally, from the funniest comedians and the biggest bands to the most talented circus performers and magicians, you can find everything you hope to see and enjoy. But it will help if you choose a good casino for entertainment and fun purposes.

The acts will account for the big share of the takings. It is not surprising that casinos take a small commission. Also, it does not matter that you have come for the poker. But you can bet your bottom amount of dollars ending up at the casino show.

Alternative Games

If you want to play a little poker with your friends, there are fewer odds you will play. You may come with the intention to play poker. But there are some other games as well that you can try. You cannot bound yourself to the poker only. The casinos will not make a big difference to their bottom line by offering poker tables. The casinos will offer you roulette, blackjack, and slots as well. But if you are a poker player, you will find many players around you.

Moreover, you can fly into the town for a tournament. The game may end a little earlier than you were expecting. So, in this case, you will have to kill time for a day or two before going back. There are several places where you would like to go. It is not necessary that you always go to the big casinos to play poker and other games. But you can make a huge profit in the big casinos. You can enjoy the game, which is quite different from the game you expected to play. Besides, the casinos keep their profits and house edge from the players.

Tips for the Staff Members

The casinos do not make money from poker only. Rather, they help pay the amount to the staff. It is good for the players. The players pay tips frequently to the staff members of the casinos. Even some staff members get generous tips from some of the players. So the staff members of casinos are glad because they get huge tips from the players who are having a good run or in a happy mood.

Additionally, these tips are a huge part of pay-pocket for the staff members. So the casinos do not pay handsome salaries to these staff members. The casinos make money on poker in this way as well. But you should keep all these points in your mind when you get a deal from the dealer in the casino.

How Do Casinos Make Money On Poker

Players Earning Money From Playing Poker

How do Online Casinos Make Money from Poker Beyond Rakes

Rake is the primary source of income that casinos generate from poker games. But it is not the biggest source of income for live casinos. Even several casinos are glad to reach the breakeven point while arranging a big tournament and advantage on the side. But this may not make sense at first glance. But you can get a better idea by looking up at the wide picture.

First, tournaments serve as a great feeder for the cash games. It is great news for casinos to have big poker rooms. Besides, casinos make more money from cash games because a long cash session can give them a handsome amount without any exposure. It is a better way to generate some additional cash for the casinos.

Guarantees Huge Traffic

Big tournaments with strong guarantees are a solid way to get huge traffic through the door. Many of the players are not poker players. They try to find a way to slots and table games after the tournament. It means that casinos will be earning a lot of money from these players over a few days.

Additionally, casinos offer some other services, including accommodation, drinks, and food. Casinos earn a huge amount when many people participate and play in the tournaments. Hence, it yields nicely for creating a strong bottom line.

The Expenses of Online Casinos While Making Money from Poker

Online casinos do not have many expenses in the poker room. They do not need to arrange many dealers for running the tournaments with multiple entries. Also, they do not need to reserve a vast space for the events. Everything happens in the virtual setup. They only need to arrange good software and stable servers to handle the traffic. Hence, the rake can be a better income generator for online casinos.

In addition, online casinos earn more money without players shifting from blackjack to roulette games. It does not need enough player traffic because casinos generate rakes when there is an action at the poker tables. But many online casinos have begun to incorporate the model of land-based casinos. They will offer some casino games in the poker lobby. These days, players are a click away from jumping over the poker and blackjack table or firing the slots up with many online poker clients.

Wrapping it up: How do Casinos Make Money on Poker?

It is very interesting to know the techniques through which the casinos make money on poker. The casinos can make money through tournaments, accommodation, shows and entertainment, alternative games, tips, and food and drink. But one thing is evident that casinos make huge profits because they are mainly doing business. So they never go in a loss; rather, they earn huge profits by following various strategies. Keep all these points in mind while betting for the next time in casinos.


Yes, casinos can make huge money on poker tables since it is the business of casinos to make money.

Casinos can earn huge money through tournaments, accommodation, shows, entertainment, alternative games, tips, and food and drink.

Online casinos do not have many expenses in the poker room. They do not need to arrange many dealers for running the tournaments with multiple entries.

Rake is the primary source of income that casinos generate from poker games. But it is not the biggest source of income for live casinos. Tournaments serve as a great feeder for the cash games.

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