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Poker chip distribution calculator: Knowing the basics

Author Shruti

the author

Shruti J.

date post

Dec 25, 2021

poker chip distribution calculator


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A poker chip distribution calculator is an easy and convenient way of distributing poker chips among a group of people sitting together playing Poker.

Poker is no doubt a fun game. In fact, it is one of the most widely played casino games around the world. Because poker has a lot of variations, different people in different regions play different versions of it. There are several websites on the internet that shows you how to use a poker chip distribution calculator and save your precious time. In this article, we are going to take a deep dive and find out how do these calculators work and how can it help you make your life easy. Without any further delay, let’s get our discussion started.

Which Poker Chip Is Best For You?

Before we explore more about a poker chip distribution calculator, it is important that you get an idea of poker chips. In the market, you will find different poker chips. There is a huge variety of poker chips available in the market. However, it depends on you which poker chips you want to play with. Of course, the price range varies but besides that, one also has to see his needs. You would be wasting money if you are going to get good quality, expensive poker chips for a game you are playing at home.

Deciding the type of poker chips is important. For that, you need to consider the quality of the poker chips, how many chips you want i.e. the quantity, and lastly, how much are you willing to pay for it. Plastic poker chips are recommended for casual games that you play at home. While for other occasions, you can go with composite poker chips and if you are arranging a professional tournament, you should be investing in professional-grade high-quality poker chips.

How Many Poker Chips Are Required To Start A Game?

It is important that you know how many poker chips do you need to start a game. When it comes to poker chips, there is no such thing as an ideal number. It differs based on the game structure, buy-ins, player count, and minimum stakes. However, that certainly does not rule out the possibility of creating a detailed note to determine the number of chips to start a game of poker with.

Generally, poker chips come in stacks of 1 chip, 25 chips, 50 chips, 100 chips, 300 chips, and 500 chips. Now depends on the number of people taking part in a game of poker to know how many chips would be required to start a game. For instance, 500-1000 poker chips would be sufficient for a group of three to five players. Some people just couldn’t get their hands on poker chips. In that case, you can still play poker. Find out how to play poker without chips here.

poker chips distribution calculator

Knowing both the quality and quantity of poker chips is important before starting a game

When distributing poker chips, it is recommended to go with 45 to 65 chips per player. Moreover, note that the value of the chips in total must correspond to the amount you paid in. If it is way too high or way too low, then it will for sure have a direct impact on each player’s game.

What is a Poker Chip Distribution Calculator?

A poker chip distribution calculator is one of the greatest and innovative inventions of this century. It has made punters’ lives easy. These calculators can be found online for free and they are super easy to use as well. One just has to enter a few details such as the total number of players in the tournament, and the chipset, etc, and the calculator will figure out everything else on its own. It is certainly not easy to equally distribute a set of say 500 chips lying in front of you among 8 or 9 players. It’s just hard to figure out quickly the number of chips each player should get, the right combination of chips, etc. Doing all this manually is not just time-consuming but also your poker game will take way too long to end. It is therefore important to know the proper breakdown of poker chips and for this reason, we use a poker chips distribution calculator.

But even before doing the breakdown, it is essential to know about the value of the chips. You need to decide the value of the chips you want to start your game with. Here it is worth noting that the ‘base’ chip in any set of poker chips is the least denomination chip. A common twenty five point base chip contains 25, 100, 500, 1,000, and 5,000-point chips.

Chip values of 10, 20, 50, and 10,000 are also common in some poker chipsets. However, it is recommended to not go for these chips because all they do is complicate the game when changes are being made. That’s one of the main reasons why most high-end casinos don’t have chips with denominations of 10, 20, 50, or 10,000 USD.

poker chip distribution calculator

This is how a simple poker chip distribution calculator looks like

While using a poker chip distribution calculator, you have to mention the number of chips you have in total for example you have a chipset of 1000, so write down 1000 in the total chips columns. Up next, mention the different colors of chips you have in the set and then write down the total number of chips of each color in the poker set for instance if you have a total of 30 white chips, write 30 in the space provided, 20 pink chips, so mention 20 in the space provided, so on and so forth. Once you are done, the calculator will automatically give you the exact number of chips you need to distribute among players. The calculator will also give you a number for the chips that are left after the buy-in. So you don’t have to worry about that calculation either.

The Need For a Poker Chip Distribution Calculator

Usually, if you are playing a game of poker with say 4 to 5 friends, you would not really need a poker chip distribution calculator. However, if you are playing a game of poker with around 20 to 30 individuals, in that case, you would definitely be needing one.

The poker chip distribution calculator works in a simple way. There are quite a number of free online calculators available that will help you know the exact number of poker chips for each player. All you need to do is to mention the number of total players playing the game, the total number of different colored chips, the number of different colored chips you want each individual to get, and of course you have to mention the chip’s value as well. That is all you have to do.

After this, you just have to click “calculate” and the calculator will figure out the rest for you. It will calculate the exact number of chips for each individual along with telling you about buy-in and the exact number of different colored poker chips left after a buy-in.

Poker Chip Distribution Calculator: The Bottom Line

Knowing accurately how many poker chips you will be needing to play a game with a group of say 20 players can be hard. It is an arduous task to equally distribute poker chips among a large group of players. This is why using a poker chip calculator can be your best available option. Within seconds, it will give you 100% accurate results and that would save a lot of your precious time and you will be able to start your game without any delay.

Now that you know all the basics and the concept behind a poker chip distribution calculator, it is time that you invest in some poker chips, invite your friends and start having a good time.


Yes, poker can be played without poker chips. There are a number of poker games that don’t involve poker chips.

The minimum number of players required to play poker is 2. However, people generally play poker with six to eight players.

For a casual game at home, 200 chips are quite sufficient. It also depends on the number of players. Generally, 200 poker chips are enough for 2-3 players.

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