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Guide: How To Play Poker Without Chips

Author Shruti

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Shruti J.

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Dec 03, 2021

How To Play Poker Without Chips


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If someone asks you can you play a poker game without chips, the answer is yes? It is interesting to know how to play poker without chips. The reason is that you can save money by applying various techniques. Poker is a famous game that has millions of fans globally. If you play this game, you will require some monetary or currency items to play. But if you do not have any item, you cannot find out the loser and winner of the game. Globally, the most common item with which the players play poker is poker chip.

But what if poker chips are not available when you suddenly plan to plan this game. Do not worry. You have numerous items that you can use to play poker that are alternatives to poker chips. So you can play poker by using various items.

Playing Poker Game Without Money

You can play poker without chips or money. Typically, you need almost 500 chips to play poker. But when you play poker with six players, you can use 300 sticks as well. You will find a lot. But you may have several items in your house or office that you can use in place of poker chips.

You can use coins and distribute them among all the players of the game. In case if you cannot afford to buy the poker chips, you can use the playing cards. The playing cards are not expensive so that you can buy them easily. Besides, you can make your game still classy with the playing cards without poker chips. But it will help if you choose a good quality deck of playing cards.

How To Play Poker Without Chips

Poker Chips

The Basics Of Playing Poker Without Real Money

If you do not have the poker chips, the best way is to keep things simple. So you can use three various kinds of chips to play the game. It is advisable to play/blinds. You can give these denominations of chips to all the players of the game:

  • $500-2 chips
  • $100-8 chips
  • $25-8 chips

This technique will give 40 blinds or $2000 to all the game players to start playing. It will make an exciting, action-packed game for you. Besides, it is interesting to learn how to play short-stacked games. If you as what kind of games you can play, we have got your answer. It will help if you do not start playing with the games, such as tournaments with no blinds and stacked cash games. If you follow this tip, you will not have to round up a lot of chips. The reason is that people will not like to see you finding such items as a groundhog. Nobody will like to see you creating a mess.

How To Play Poker Without Chips

Moreover, you can play poker by using the following methods if you do not have poker chips to play with:

Play Money

The most common option that you can use too is the playing money available in the house. This money is collected through different board games. Such board games include the Game of Life, Payday, and Monopoly. These kinds of games are stuffed in the cabinet or closet. So, in this case, you can use fake cash to play poker. The most interesting thing while playing poker with play money is that you feel this money is real.

In case if some of the players do not have any chips in the game, you can repurchase a half stack of $1000 or 20 big blinds. By following this technique, every player will stay in the game. Also, the players will be able to play the deep-stacked game when there is progress in the game.

Change From Piggy Bank

If you have saved some money in your piggy bank, you can use it too to play poker. Even you can use the coins collected by your children in their piggy banks. So if you have collected some spare change, you can use them while playing the game. These accidental savings will help you to play poker quickly with your friends and family. Rolls of dimes, nickels, and pennies will help you in a better way. But you should set the rules before starting the game that either the winner will get the real money or not.

Pieces Of Board Games

If you find that you do not have any board games consisting of play money, do not worry at all. We have some other options for you that you can use in place of poker chips. Some games consist of the game prices that can play the role of substitutes for the poker chips. Some board games will give you some items to play poker. These board games include Checkers, Backgammon, Connect 4, and Othello. So you can make bets with scrabble titles as well.

Moreover, if you have several games having game pieces, mix them well to use them in place of poker chips. But you should have enough quantity that you can use to play poker. You can use Othello pieces for $1000 chips, red Connect 4 for $5 chips, and scrabble titles for $1 chips.

Office Supplies As Poker Chips

If you decide to play poker with your colleagues at the office, you can use this method. You cannot have poker chips in your office all the time, so this method is effective for you. In the case of an impromptu poker game at your office, you cannot depend on poker chips only. There may be multiple items in the desk drawers that you can use. But you should make sure that your boss is not around you when you are doing this.

In addition, you can find the following items in the desk drawers at your office:

  • Rubber bands
  • Tacks
  • Posted notes
  • Paper clips
How To Play Poker Without Chips

Playing Online Poker

Dried Fruits

The other item that you can use to play poker is dried food from your kitchen. You can use legumes, corn, and dried beans as a substitute for poker chips. They will not create a mess while playing the game. Besides, these dried foods are available in your kitchen in large quantities. You can boil these dried foods to enjoy after that. But you must ensure that you are not using the dried foods that are ready to eat. The reason is that you will eat all the dried foods. Also, nobody will like to eat the dry fruits that many people touch at the poker table.

Your Garage Items

You will find multiple items in your garage that will help you to play poker. If you have made a special toolbox for your garage, it will especially work for you. You can find the following items in that particular toolbox:

  • Electrical terminals
  • Washers
  • Nuts
  • Nails
  • Fasteners
  • Bolts

Color Popsicle Sticks

If you have children in your house, you will have this item for sure. So look at this stackable item in your drawers somewhere. You can cut the sticks to stretch the number of chips out. It will make your game more attractive and fun to play.

But if you do not have color Popsicle sticks, you have another option. You can write various denominations on all the sticks to play the game. The better way of doing so is to give a stack to all the players of the game. They will write different denominations on the sticks. Besides, you can play with the sticks that serve as a single denomination in the game.


Candies can also serve as poker chips. When you use candies instead of using chips, you do not need to involve money. Even it becomes more interesting when you play poker with candies. But if you cannot control yourself eating your favorite candies, you can also use some other food items around your house. Also, the promise of a small treat at the end of the game will make your game more exciting and challenging for all the game players.

Strip Poker

Strip poker can make your game funny when kids are around you. Everyone should be ready to show their skin while using this technique. Besides, you can play strip poker using 5-card poker, but you can also use Texas Hold’em. The strategy for strip poker is simple. The winner of the game gets their clothes, but other players have to remove their clothes. So the rules of this game are flexible. Also, the players who fold their hands can keep on their clothes.

Benefits Of Playing Poker Without Chips

Most people think that poker is a game involving money. But there are some advantages of playing poker without chips, such as:

You Can Work On Your Poker Skills

If you are not a veteran poker player and trying to learn it, playing cash poker will be a bad idea. The reason is that there are more chances you will lose your money. So when you play poker without money, you will not lose your money at all. Besides, this technique will help you to master poker.

You Can Avoid Hurting Your Friends

Nobody wants to lose their money. If you play cash poker with your friends, some of your friends will get the money, and some will lose money. This way, you will hurt some of your friends. But when you play poker without chips, no money is involved in the game. Hence, you will not hurt any friend using other substitutes.

Moreover, if you do not want to see your friends losing money, you can play poker without poker chips. This way will make the game more thrilling. Also, only rights are at stake in this method. Rights are not severe than losing your money.

Playing Poker Without Cash Is Casual

When you play without cash, it will make the game casual. The casual nature of poker is a good idea when you want to discuss some points with your friends while playing poker. Even a poker game without cash can be a weekly or monthly meeting where you can discuss your family, jobs, and relationships with your friends. So it is more entertaining and funny.

People Will Not Mind After Losing

When people lose money, they usually get upset. Indeed, people pick a fight or take an aggressive tone when they see that the other player is cheating. You will not like to pick a fight with you. Wouldn’t you? So playing poker with no money can resolve this issue nicely. When you play poker without chips or money, people will not mind even after losing the game. Also, they do not care if the opponent is cheating or using unfair means to win the game.

Risk Is Not Involved

Have you ever seen players playing poker at the poker tables? There is too much anxiety and tension around the poker table. When the players try to find out the others’ move, they get nervous sometimes. But when you play poker without chips, there is no pressure while playing the game. No player will try to cheat or use unfair means to win the game. So playing poker without money will save your mental stress and anxiety.

How To Play Poker Without Chips

Players Playing Poker In The Casino


Wrapping It Up: How To Play Poker Without Chips?

If you are a fan of poker and want to play without having poker chips, you have multiple options. You can use your garage items, color Popsicles sticks, office supplies, dried fruits, candies, pieces of board games, play money, and spare change. In addition, if all the players in your group have access to their computers and smartphones, you can also use some of their methods. “LAN party” is a better idea in this way to play the game. Besides, you can create your home games with your friends using various poker sites. But you must select the poker sites that have smooth software and a way for setting up private home games.

So we hope that now you have gotten the answer to how to play poker without chips. These items are inexpensive, so you can easily arrange these items to play the game. Besides, you can use a deck of playing cards if you do not want to purchase these chips. Also, these items will make it possible for you to play an impromptu game. So enjoy your favorite game by using these items and have fun.

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Yes, you can play poker without chips by using some collectibles.

Yes, it makes poker more interesting since your friends will not lose their money after losing the game.

You can use office supplies, candies, garage items, Popsicle color sticks, play money, pieces of board games, and change from piggy bank to play poker without chips.

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