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Voodoo Dreams Gamification System Explained

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Published on: 28 October, 2019

What are XP and SP and why are they good for you?

One of the first things that you will notice when you play at VoodooDreams is that you earn two types of points during gameplay. These points are called Experience Points and Spirit Points. They are awarded to you on every winning spin you make and also when you end your game session. You’ll find both your XP and SP in the menu to the right on desktop or under the magic tab on mobile.

Experience Points (XP)

The XP that you collect will determine what Voodoo level you are and consequently how many and how powerful Spells that are available to you. The more XP you earn, the higher your level becomes. Experience points require no action from the player, you automatically level up once you have enough points.

Voodoo Levels

When you reach a predetermined number of XP you will level up to a new Voodoo level. When this happens you will unlock four new Spells that can be cast at any point in time. These spells are more powerful than your previous spells but require more SP to cast. Your level can never be decreased.

Spirit Points (SP)

The second type of point and just as important as XP, are the Spirit Points. It is these that you use to cast the Spells that you unlock. You gain SP by playing, on registration and through promotions.


When you cast a Spell you will be given a reward. The spells cost various amounts of Spirit Points depending on how powerful they are, but they also give you a lot more as you rise through the Voodoo levels. As long as you have enough SP, the spells can be cast at any time. There are four types of spells to choose from and each gives you a different type of reward. The choice is yours.

The spells themselves also become more powerful when you cast them. Once a spell has powered up you will get a more valuable reward for the same amount of SP.

Spells that require a deposit have a minimum deposit requirement. If that isn’t met on your next deposit it will get queued until you make a deposit that does meet the requirements.

Blood Magic

When you cast these spells you will get a predetermined number of Free Spins when you make your next deposit. The spins are sometimes restricted to a specific game but most of the time you have the choice between several games.

Dark Magic

Casting a Dark Magic spell will give you a small deposit bonus.

Light Magic

Upon casting a Light Magic spell you will receive a large deposit bonus.

Spirit Magic

The most valuable spell of them all. Spirit Magic spells will give you real cash, no deposit and no wagering required. The first four levels give you non-wagering Free Spins while all the rest will simply add cash to your account for you to do as you please with. Since Spirit Magic has no deposit requirement it is activated the moment you cast the spell. You can play for the money from spirit magic or withdraw it immediately. It’s completely up to you.



Bonus terms and General terms & conditions apply to all Spells cast through the casino’s Loyalty Program.


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