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Want to gamble on the go? We bring you a special list of trusted, safe, and legal live casino sites fit for the Indian market.

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Where to Play Live Casinos Games Online?

Live casino gaming brings the thrilling action of classic casinos right to your desktop and mobile devices. Read on to discover everything you need to know about playing at live casinos in India. Also, if you are wondering which are the best websites to enjoy live casino gambling with Indian Rupees, there’s a mini list above and an entire treasure trove with the coolest ones below. That’s where we’d suggest you to play live casino games online.

List with Best Live Casino Websites in India

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Why Play at a Live Casino Online in India?

If all Indians were to go kooky over gambling at land-based casinos overnight, it would turn into a grand travel fest first and then a big chaos. Wonder why? – Because even if gambling were made legal in the country, we wouldn’t have that many casinos to accommodate the insane number of Indian players in the market. People would be rushing to the three old, lonesome hotspots – Goa, Daman, and Sikkim – and turning every casino there into a chock-a-block.

Thankfully, it’s ‘man vs. technology’ today. A getaway with a dash of BlackjackRoulette, and Poker sounds like a tempting prospect. But, we’d rather stay back and gamble at a time and from a place that’s convenient for us. And, if you’re thinking you’d miss the buzz of a classic casino and the oomph of a live dealer, then surprise! Online gambling isn’t just about slot games and RNG. We also have live casinos here! To be honest, moments at one such casino are so thrilling you can’t keep away from playing live dealer games. After all, the joy of winning at a casino game is felt fully only when a crowd cheers as you hit it big.

Still need reasons? We could write essays, but we’d stick to the basics.

Play In Real Time

Live casinos come with human croupiers and let you play in real time. In short, you get to witness things as and when they happen – within a near-real casino setting.

At A Time You Choose

Want to play live dealer games at wee hours? Do it! Want to play casino games live at mid noon? Do it! You decide the hours and set your own gaming schedule.

Enjoy Cutting-Edge Technology

Experience Vegas without travelling to the destination! Yes, online live casinos come with advanced live streaming facilities that offer you this exact feeling.

From The Comfort Of Any Place

Whether you are lazing in your sofa or waiting in long queues, travelling in a cab or getting bored to death in a meeting, a live casino is sure to bring the thrills.

Chat With Fellow Players

Enjoy the dynamism as you interact with the players and croupiers. Establish personal connections and turn the game into a fun event. Great for adrenaline junkies.

And Better Payback%

Unlike brick and mortar casinos, live casinos let you bask in the convenience of wagering at your comfort. Additionally, you also get to enjoy a better payback percentage.

Video Tutorial: How to Play Live Casino Games


What is a Live Online Casino?

Live casinos are exactly what they sound like. They are near-real gambling institutions that enable punters to play live dealer games online, just like they’d do at any traditional land-based casino. Live casino games are one side of the coin called Internet gambling, the other side being computer-controlled virtual games you can play online against AI dealers.

“Real-Life Dealer. Real-Time Gaming. Real Money Winnings.”

When you gamble at a live casino, a real-life dealer interacts with you and hosts the game. The entire gaming session is video streamed in real time from a remote operating studio. Leveraging advanced technology, live casinos transport players to a glitzy casino town sans a flight ticket. The human dealer is responsible for dealing the cards, spinning the Roulette wheels, and hosting the game just like it is done in brick and mortar casinos.

All physical transactions made by the dealer are electronically converted to digital data via Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Because the games are streamed live through video cameras straight to your device, you can expect transparency and fair gaming. Place your bets in just a few clicks. Chat with fellow players at the table from around the world. Feel the excitement relayed over the screen. And, as you sway along the casino beats, watch the action unfold live before your very eyes.

The Technology

Live casinos come with state-of-the-art setups and games that are streamed around the clock. Dealers talk to you via webcams. There are integrated software that enable you to move chips and place bets. And then, you also get to chit-chat with fellow players. Here are the key technology components in a live casino:

The Cameras

Small, but powerful enough to stream live feeds. You’d receive a shot of the table, wheels, cards and whatever constitutes your game.

The Dealer

This one is human. He monitors and controls the game. His actions are tracked using a smart card. Think you can outsmart him?


Game Control Unit. It’s attached to the table and encodes the video that is being streamed. Without a GCU, live casinos wouldn’t exist.

The Monitor

That displays who’s in the game. If you wish to remain incognito, you better figure out the blind spot and sit elsewhere.

The Wheel

if you’re playing Roulette or similar games. Most wheels come with in-built sensors and software interfaces that help with the streaming.


Optical Character Recognition. It converts the live sessions into electronic data to transmit all activities in their exactness to the gamer.

Live Online Casino vs. Regular Online Casino

Because we are about to play at a live dealer casino, let’s talk a little about how this environment would be different from that of a regular casino. Here’s a comparison:

Live Online Casino Regular Online Casino
Resembles a real-life casino Resembles a web-based gaming environment
Limited game range Wide game range
Pace of game would depend on the croupier Pace of game would depend on you
Human controlled Computer controlled
Real gaming equipment Computer generated gaming equipment
Limited bonus variety Diverse bonus variety
Interactive Not interactive
Can be played on a mobile device Can be played on a mobile device
Possible to wager real money Possible to wager real money
Not possible to play for free Possible to play for free
No commuting required No commuting required

How we Review Online Live Casinos for Indian Players

We at have carefully reviewed all the online live casinos we recommend on our website. Keeping the need for a safe and fun gambling experience at the forefront, we explore every new live casino for Indian punters and judge them by the following key aspects:


  • Licensed
  • Regulated

High-End Security

  • State of the art encryption software
  • Uncompromised security 24/7

The Monitor

  • Indian Rupee support
  • Straightforward redemption

Indian-Friendly Customer Care

  • Native language speakers
  • Responsive round the clock

Easy Deposit and Withdrawal

  • Multiple modes
  • Quick transactions

Game Variety

  • Multiple games Indian punters love
  • Rich content, smooth presentation

Software and Gameplay

  • Reliable connections with servers
  • Streaming without technical glitches

Mobile Compatibility

  • Secure mobile website or app
  • Existing account support

How to Play at a Live Dealer Casino: Getting Started, Tips and Etiquette


It’s a no brainer. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Register with one of our recommended live casinos.
  • Claim your welcome bonus.
  • Choose a safe banking method and make a deposit.
  • Explore the casino and check out their live dealer section.
  • Select the live dealer game you want to play.
  • Hone your skills if you are unsure of the rules.
  • Interact with the live, dealer follow the game, and enjoy

In case you are playing at a live mobile casino and there’s no instant play option, you might need to download the mobile casino app first. Android users can find the app in Google Play Store while iOS users a download it from iTunes. In case the app is available on a third party website, make sure they enable the facility to scan a QR code and receive the download link via email or SMS.


  • Make sure you have a strong Internet connection so you meet the technical requirements of the live casino.
  • When you’re playing with real money, plan ahead to increase your chances of topping.
  • Set a budget to limit the cost.
  • You’re dealing with real people. Be on your best behavior. Win or lose, be polite.
  • Live casino dealer games are devoid of Autoplay option. You’ve got to respect the pace of the game.
  • Never swear, yell or display rudeness. That won’t ever fly.
  • Never gamble when you’re drunk.
  • Know when to cash out or walk away.

What are the Most Popular Live Casino Games?

Live dealer casinos call for a more advanced technological ecosystem than other online casinos. They require sophisticated studios and well-trained hosts. An average live casino would have a couple of croupiers, a pit boss, a cinematographer, and an IT manager. To that end, such casinos warrant considerable investment in technology and staff, leading to high operating costs.

It’s only natural for a live casino to limit its range of games to the common ones. In fact, if you look for the most popular live casino games online, you’d always get a range that’s familiar to most punters. Find your favorite table games being hosted live in these online casinos. These include the usual live versions of Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Poker, Sic BoDream Catcher and other similar variants.

What’s unusual is the gaming experience. Can you imagine taking part in a live casino action without actually being there? That sounds like a sci-fi coming true. You are teleported and come back winning big. Live casino games come with their variants in order to suit every player’s preference and budgets. Further, the variants come with minor modifications that make gaming fun and entertaining. Below are some of the popular live casino games hosted in most Indian live casinos:

online live roulette casino


Roulette is a game of chance where you need to predict where a ball lands on a spinning wheel. Live Roulette is the closest thing to playing Roulette at a land-based casino.

It is broadcast from a studio where you are able to place your chips on the betting grid and watch as the croupier spins the wheel. Interact and watch her call out the winning numbers.

Chat with other players at the table. Common live Roulette variants include EuropeanAmerican and French Roulette. Others include Roulette la PartageMonopoly Live RouletteVIP RouletteImmersive Roulette,

Speed Roulette. Choose the best variant with a higher RTP and better payback percentage. Our Roulette guide tells you how to play live Roulette online in India.


What is a casino without Blackjack? Yes, Blackjack is among the classic social games enjoyed by punters worldwide.

Players at live Indian online casinos are no different. Further, the development of live Blackjack games has contributed to more players accessing this exciting game and winning huge payouts from it. Just as in online Blackjack, the aim is to come as close to 21 as possible without busting.

The outcome of getting a better hand than the dealer’s grants you a win. It comes with many variants with a chance to sit as many as 7 players in a table.

Popular Blackjack variants include Classic Blackjack, Spanish 21, VIP and Common Draw Blackjack. For detailed information on how to play live Blackjack online in India, refer to our complete Blackjack guide.

live online blackjack

live online poker


Poker is the lead of the pack and the shining star of live casinos online. It differs from online poker in the sense that you get to interact with a human dealer, read player mannerisms, and understand the gameplay as it unfolds. On the other hand, in the online virtual version, your chances of meeting or talking to a fellow player are next to zero.

Further, live poker is more immersive compared to the online version. Poker fans would also love to play Casino Hold’em – the low house advantage live version of Texas Hold’em. The objective here is to get the best possible hand from 2 drawn cards and 5 community cards.

Then again, there’s 3 Card Poker – a fast paced version ideal for impatient punters. To know more about how to play live Poker online at an Indian casino, refer to our complete Poker guide.


Baccarat was among the first table games to be created. It’s a comparing card game between two hands – the player and the banker. The aim is for the winner’s cards to be as close to a total of 9 points as possible. In live Baccarat you are able to see the dealer shuffling the cards.

You are also able to chat with the dealer and seek clarification or chat with other players when you need to do so.

You are able to place your bets by clicking on the provided options on the screen. There are many variants, the most common ones being Punto Banco, Chemmy, and Baccarat banque. Other variants include Control Squeeze BaccaratVIP BaccaratSpeed Baccarat and mini Baccarat.

Want to learn how to play live Baccarat online in India? Refer to our detailed Baccarat guide.

live online baccarat

live online craps


Craps is a game of dice where you bet on the outcome of a roll, or a series of rolls, or even a dice combination. Players bet either against each other or a bank. However, a game of Craps is set in motion by the player, not the dealer.

The former is known as the shooter. Live dealer Craps is the same game video streamed with human dealers in real time from a near-real casino setup. Thus, the rules remain the same as that in an authentic casino floor.

The excitement is relayed over to you digitally via the Internet. This is an ideal solution for those who love the roar of a casino crowd, but don’t want to visit one in person.

If you want to play live Craps online for real money, but are not sure about the rules, don’t fret. Even if you are a new player, you can always use Craps simulators and guides to polish your skills.


Play Sic Bo the unequal game of chance at a live casino online in India. All you need is a stable Internet connection and a trustful live casino where you can play the game. This is yet another exciting game of dice played on a large table.

Needless to say, it’s a game that moves super quick. Players need to set their budget, buy their chips, place their bet on a bet box, and wait for the dice to be shaken. You win when you land a roll outcome that matches your bet.

If otherwise, the dealer collects the losses and restarts the game. No skill, no strategy. Just pure luck.

Lower the payout odds of a bet, higher are the chances of winning. The experience at a live Sic Bo casino is not different. So, you can expect transparency. Dying to play live Sic Bo for real money? Get your game on!

online live sic bo

online live bingo


Here’s another game of chance! Bingo involves players matching the numbers on a 5×5 card arrangement with those on a caller’s. The cards are drawn at random and selected numbers marked with titles. You call out a ‘Bingo!’ and land a win if you find the selected numbers arranged on your card lot in a row.

In this casino game, you are pitted against fellow players for the prize as well as the jackpot. Playing Bingo on a live online casino has the same rules where a live caller or cashier steers the game.

The variations include U-Pick’Em Bingo, Shotgun Bingo, Quick Shot Bingo, Bonanza Bingo, Table Bingo and many more. To play Bingo live in India for real money, choose the best online casinos we recommend.

Before that, here’s a guide to playing Bingo online. Get better, win bigger.


Other live casino games worth mentioning include Dream Catcher, Deal Or No Deal, Dragon Tiger and Football Studio. These are non-traditional games disrupting the world of live gambling online.

Dream Catcher resembles Roulette with its supersized vertical wheel and is also known as Money Wheel, Big Six, and Big Wheel. Again, when you play Deal Or No Deal, prepare to answer the same throughout the game.

Further, Dragon Tiger is a super fast Chinese-themed casino game featuring two cards – A and B. Football Studio is similar, but with two cards that stand for the home or away side. Both are chance games with 50/50 odds of winning.

As providers expand their game libraries, we hope to see this wonderful games becoming mainstream.

Others live casinos

Live Casino Bonuses

To start you off on your live gaming adventure and as part of live casino promotions, many online casinos welcome you with generous casino bonuses. You can use them to place bets as you play. To take advantage of these offers, it is advisable to check if the bonuses are available in your live casino of choice. These bonuses are especially rewarded to new and loyal players. The variety includes…

Welcome Bonuses

Also known as live casino Sign Up Bonus, this one is offered when a new player signs up and makes the first deposit. A Welcome Bonus is one of the most attractive parts of playing live casino games. At CasinoWebsites, we strive to bring you the best sign up bonuses in the Indian market available online.

Cashback Bonuses

Live casino bonuses could also come in the form of cashback or insurance bonuses where a percentage of losses in a game is returned to the player by the casino portal. Another form of a cashback could also be free spins at times. Remember to check with your casino regarding the type it offers.


Referral Bonuses

In a live casino game, Referral Bonus works in two ways – it pays the referee as well as the referrer. The referee receives the bonus on registering with the casino and mentioning the referrer. On the other hand, the referrer receives the bonus when the referee deposits money or wagers for a specific number of times.

No Deposit Bonuses

In a live casino game, Referral Bonus works in two ways – it pays the referee as well as the referrer. The referee receives the bonus on registering with the casino and mentioning the referrer. On the other hand, the referrer receives the bonus when the referee deposits money or wagers for a specific number of times.

Sticky Bonuses

These are non-cashable bonuses that add to a player’s bonus, but cannot be cashed out. For instance, if a player makes a deposit of 100 INR and receives 100 INR and wagers up to 150 INR, a Sticky Bonus would allow him to withdraw only 50 INR.

Regarding online casino bonus in India, remember to study the casino’s terms and conditions concerning the same. For instance, most casinos specify the games that you can play with the bonus. You should also check the wagering requirements and what percentage certain games contribute to meeting the wagering requirements. Finally, you should go through the casino’s policy on bonuses such as the supported methods that you can use to make the initial deposit in order to access the live casino bonus. Get exclusive welcome bonuses in the best live casinos only at CasinoWebsites.inCheck out our list of online casinos today!

Wagering Requirements

Like any other online casino bonus, live casino bonuses, too, come with wagering requirements. This means players have to wager their deposit a certain number of times before they can cash out winnings they won using a bonus they received. This could be true even in case of a no deposit bonus that has wagering requirements tagged to the free cash.

Regular slot games with casino bonuses usually contribute 100% to the wagering requirements. So, if the wagering requirements are 10x and a player wins 10 INR as bonus and then wagers another 10 INR, that would complete the wagering requirements for him.

However, you can play live casino games with almost a 50-50 chance. This means you could wager your bonus with almost no risk. To that end, the wagering needs to be lowered. This is why live versions of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, and Sic Bo usually contribute 0-10% to the wagering requirements. We strongly suggest you go through all terms and conditions of the live casino regarding bonus and find out what’s the catch.

4 Live Casinos You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Our job at CasinoWebsites is to help you sing up at the best live casinos in India where you can play real money live dealer games without getting edgy. You don’t have to bang your head to identify the reliable ones. We’d do it for you. Like we discussed before, we review live casinos based on their features, reputation, bonuses, ease of payment, security, and attitude toward players. Further, we also consider the number and variety of games and the quality of streaming they provide. Always be assured we’d recommend casinos that host your favorite live dealer games glitch free. Additionally, our lookout would also be for casinos that offer other games such as slots and RNGs that can cut the monotony when you need a break from live casino games. Try out these live online casinos we found for you!



LeoVegas is your best bet in live casino gaming! It hosts a large number of live dealer games from Evolution Gaming. This includes variants of Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette. There are also Poker games such as Caribbean Stud poker, Texas Hold’em, 3D Poker and 2 Hand Casino Hold’em. Other live games include Monopoly Live, Dream Catcher, Sic Bo, VIP Roulette and Live Dragon Tiger Baccarat among others. The casino offers welcome bonuses to start you off on your live casino gaming. To access their live games you can play on your desktop or mobile device. You can also play other games such as video slots and sports betting with LeoVegas Casino.



Rizk Casino

Rizk Casino welcomes you to try out its top selection of live dealer games and enjoy a generous welcome bonus. The casino is your one-stop for live dealer games. Ranging from video slots, Poker, and Bingo – it has every game you would love playing. You can play your favorite live dealer games from Evolution Gaming such as Live Roulette with variants such as Lightning Roulette and Auto Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Casino Hold’em and Caribbean Stud Poker. There are also many other live dealer games such as Monopoly, Money Wheel, lightning Dice and Deal Or No Deal. It’s a range that could leave you spoilt for choice. Why not play one today?




Betway Casino

Betway is among the giants in the online gambling industry and this is evident in its large variety of games. The casino hosts all types of games ranging from sports betting, Poker, Bingo, slots and instant win games. Additionally, it has a live casino where you can play live dealer games from Evolution Gaming and other providers. The live casino games hosted here include Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker, Dream Catcher, Roulette and Baccarat. The casino also welcomes you with bonuses and supports diverse payment methods. The payouts are customer service efficient with live chat support.




Royal Panda Casino

Bet safely on your live dealer games when you play more than 30 live casino games at Royal Panda casino. This includes Evolution Gaming’s live dealer games such as Exclusive Roulette and Blackjack, VIP roulette and Blackjack, Auto Roulette, Speed Roulette and Live Baccarat, Deal Or No Deal, Dream Catcher, and Monopoly Live. There are also Poker variants such as Casino Hold’em, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, 3 Card Poker and Texas Hold’em bonus Poker. Other live games include Dragon Tiger Baccarat, Common Draw Blackjack, Monopoly and Live Football Studio. Royal Panda is also home to more than 1,000 video slots games.


HD Streaming

Top Indian live dealer casinos would always offer an immersive gaming experience no matter what. This includes superb visual graphics and audios. You do not have to strain to follow the action in the studio since the games are streamed in high definition. As such, you can watch vivid images of the studio and the dealer as well as the action as it unfolds. Some games are also streamed in HD 3D making you enjoy the view from all angles just as you would in a real brick and mortar casino. Live games are streamed in high resolution leaving no room for players to complain of any fishy activities when playing. This also includes close ups of the cards and gaming outcomes to clear all doubts.

Top Live Casino Game Providers

While some online casinos host dealer games live right from their own studio, there are others which relay games from specific software providers. To save you time, we’ve cherry picked the best game providers in the industry for you. Check them out below!

Evolutiongaming casinos

Evolution Gaming

Here’s the king of live dealer casino games! Evolution Gaming is a market leader awarded time and again. It has topped the others in this category consistently from 2010 to 2017 as the EGR Live Casino Supplier of the Year. Its studio has a wide range of live games including the extremely popular Immersive Roulette, Blackjack Party and numerous variants of Casino Poker and Baccarat. Drool over the ultra modern live studio and supreme quality of video streaming. Evolution Gaming is a winner in every way.


netent live casinos

NetEnt Live

NetEnt is a classy game provider that not only delivers jaw-dropping slot games, but also mind-blowing live casino games that stream in HD. The game provider collaborates with real players to develop a Live Casino solution that offer a fantastic gaming experience. It features flawless graphics and audio and Chroma Key technology to ensure smooth operation within casino environments. NetEnt’s Live Casino supports landscape as well as portrait modes so the games can stream in any device, whether mobile or desktop.



Playtech casino

Playtech Live Studio

When it comes to top live casino software providers, Playtech has been a veteran. Its range of live dealer games is wider than any of its competitors and especially ideal for beginners, casual players, and punters with a limited bankroll. Yes, Playtech’s popularity can be attributed to its low table limits of 10p. Its flagship live dealer game Speed Roulette is yet another reason behind the success of this game provider. As the name suggests, this one is super-fast and offers you all the fun without dismissing the thrill of authentic Roulette.




Extreme Live Gaming

Living up to its name, Extreme Live Gaming specialized in developing online betting software for live dealer games. This game provider flaunts a live mobile casino, a live dealer web studio, and a casino system for real-life casinos. Versatility defines Extreme Live Gaming to the fullest and innovation defines its live gaming solutions. Shortlisted for the Best Live Casino and Best Live Streaming Supplier awards from EGR, this one is breaking new grounds in the realm of live casino gambling online.



Vivo gaming

Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming comes with seven live dealer casino games which include Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Sic Bo, Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, Poker, and Live Dedicated Tables. The game provider offers croupiers and dealers who speak native Indian languages. The best part about Vivo Gaming is they are extra cautious about security and integrity. In fact, they have an entire team looking into matters of fair gaming, fraud, security, and risk management. So, here’s a live casino game provider you can trust with closed eyes.




Lucky Streak

This one is a new kid in the block but an absolutely upscale live casino dealer. Players can enjoy live European Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat streamed straight from their studio in Riga, Latvia. Lucky Streak is an early adopter and uses cutting edge web technologies for premium video streaming. In addition to that, it also offers a variety of slots, card games and casino games with fixed odds. Most of all, it manages a customer care team which is extremely personable – adding to a punters delight.


Game Provider What Works What Doesn’t Live Casinos
Evolution Gaming Real-time player stats | Multi game Play None that we know na
NetEnt Live Landscape and portrait mode | Chroma Key technology Game range includes only Blackjack and Roulette na
Playtech Low table limits | Native speakers If doesn’t exceed Evolution Gaming (not that it’s a shortcoming) na
Extreme Live Gaming Live mobile casino | Live dealer web studio Roulettes and just Roulettes na
Vivo Gaming Cool game range | High security None that we know na
Lucky Streak Technological competence | Strong customer care Yet to grow (not that it’s a shortcoming) na

 Playing Online Live Casino on Mobile Devices

Carry the cheer of a casino crowd in your pocket! Hail technology because we can now play live casino games on a mobile device – smartphones as well as tablets. The best Indian live casinos are all striving to offer players an immersive gaming experience whenever, wherever. A part of their effort goes into investing heavily in uninterrupted streaming so the audiovisual aspect remains flawless.

Players no longer have strain to follow the action in the studio since it is streamed in HD. Some online casinos go that extra mile to stream games in 3D so you enjoy the view from all angles, just as you would in a brick and mortar casino. Also, live games are streamed in high resolution so there’s no room for complaint. This also includes close ups of the cards and gaming outcomes to clear all doubts. Most of all, the quality of streamed games remains lossless no matter what device you use. In short, with live mobile casinos, there’s no leaving the table!

Here are your best bets when gambling live on a mobile: