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Lightning roulette

Learn how to play the new and exciting roulette variation from Evolution gaming.

Lightning roulette

Lightning Roulette Strategy Guide

Published on: 24 August, 2019

Created by Evolution Gaming, Lightning Roulette is one of the newest additions to the modern casino world. Even so, this concept has already caught the eye of millions of casino goers worldwide. Needless to say, online casinos in India are no exception. Meaning, Indian players are also enchanted by the new game.

For that reason, we wanted to provide you with an in-depth Lightning roulette strategy guide. In other words, this comprehensive overview will cover everything you need to know to play the game in a successful and profitable way. After all, online casinos in India can be quite rewarding, and millions of rupees can go your way if you are lucky.

So, without further ado, let’s check what else it takes, besides luck, to win at Lighting roulette.

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Live Lightning roulette

First of all, let’s start by explaining the nature of the game. In essence, Lightning roulette is a live roulette game, mixed with some extra features. So, a real-life dealer will run the proceedings if you join the fun at one of the best casinos in India. As a rule of thumb, all the dealers are professional and knowledgeable. Most importantly, the dealers are making the sessions fun and exciting.

In addition, the quality of the live stream is on the highest possible level. As per tradition, Evolution Gaming delivers only the best video quality. So, players can follow the action with the help of an HD live feed. On top of that, Evolution Gaming is broadcasting the sessions from their top-notch studios. In other words, every studio is designed in a stylish and elegant manner, with an attractive combination of black and gold.

How does Lightning roulette work?

Apart from aesthetic elements, the mechanics of the gameplay are also important when it comes to casino games. Thus, it is imperative that you learn how Lightning roulette works. Luckily, the game relies on well-known systems of play, and only a couple of elements are added to the mix.

For example, Lightning roulette combines the live roulette format with a set of multipliers. To clarify, the game features a TV-show style. The dealer will pull a lever similar to the ones found on slot machines to start the spin. But, before the spin, lightning will strike at five random numbers, at most. Those numbers will be subject to the so-called Lucky Numbers multiplier. So, a couple of numbers on the roulette wheel will receive a big boost, which can range from x5 all the way up to x500!

Also, it is important to note that the Lucky Numbers are selected with the help of an advanced algorithm. According to Evolution Gaming, their high-paying RNG is rewarding and generous. Likewise, the RNG is unbiased and fair.

Yet, it is not so easy to win a lot of rupees by playing Lightning Roulette at an online casino in India. Here is why.

How to play Lightning roulette?

As we said, in 2018, Evolution Gaming presented us with a revolutionary concept. Lightning roulette combines a couple of exciting elements. Nonetheless, the game is based on the European version of roulette, which has 37 slots on the wheel. Apart from that, Lightning roulette offers all the ‘standard’ bets that you can find on the classic online roulette. Therefore, if you ever played roulette at an online casino in India, you will have no problems with grasping the basics of the game.

At the bottom of the screen, a high-tech interface provides players with betting options. Also, a couple of other features are available through intuitive software. For instance, you can check the results of the last 500 spins in a convenient way by using one of the options. Either way, the interface will allow you to place the bets in a simple and straightforward manner. After that, the dealer will pull the lever and the spin will start.

When it comes to the available bets, players can place their wagers in a number of ways. First and foremost, it is important to note that multipliers are counted only for straight-up bets. Meaning, if you place the wager on a certain number on the wheel, you may be subject to a multiplier. In all other cases, i.e. if you bet on splits, streets, corners, or colors – the wagers will not be affected by thunders and lightning.

Lightning roulette odds

One of the main advantages of Lighting roulette is the chance of winning a lot of money. For instance, Evolution Gaming claims that the RTP with this game is 97,30%. In a way, this is a relatively high return percentage, which should indicate favorable odds.

However, there is more than meets the eye with Lightning roulette and we will not beat around the bush. For instance, one of the main drawbacks of Lightning roulette is the fact that this game pays 29:1 for non-multiplied straight-up bets. As you know, ‘standard’ roulette offers somewhat better odds of 35:1.

Admittedly, the multipliers can make a big difference when it comes to the payouts. So, if your number gets ‘hit’ by x5, x100, x200, x300, or x500, the payouts on your wager will skyrocket. For that reason, millions of casino enthusiasts in India are eager to play this game in the top online casinos. Above all, they are hoping that Lady Luck will look their way and that the lightning will strike at their particular number.

Yet, some players are more cautious than others, and they are not willing to jump on the bandwagon without careful preparation. In other words, some players are trying to use Lightning roulette strategies to win the game. In the upcoming chapters, we will take you through the basics of this approach.

How to win at Lightning roulette?

As with all forms of roulette, the results of every spin in Lightning roulette are determined by luck. So, luck is the overriding factor in the game, and you should always keep that in mind. No one can guarantee that a certain system will make you a millionaire, so try to stay away from such scams and frauds. 

For example, popular systems such as La Boucher, Martingale, or Fibonacci will not work with the Lightning roulette. Why? Well, the reason for this is simple, and it comes from the fact that Lightning roulette does not offer a multiplier on even-money bets. All of these betting strategies require even-money wagers, such as doubling after a win to cover the losses.

To be honest, some betting systems are less risky than others, and the effects to your bankroll may not be dramatic at first. But, in the long run, you will end up with nothing. Luckily, there is a way in which you can prolong the playing session and improve your odds of winning at a Lightning roulette table.

The best Lightning roulette strategy

Since different players have different playing styles, it is not easy to determine a universal strategy. Nonetheless, you could reduce the house edge and improve the probability of winning by using a proper money management system. For instance, many experts claim that the best method for playing Lighting roulette is to bet on all numbers.

Apart from that, experienced roulette players are claiming that the so-called French bets can be a good way to win some rupees. In other words, you could try placing the wagers on Orphelins, Le tiers du cylinder or Voisins do zero. Yet, these bets are also not subject to a multiplier. Thus, the system of betting on all numbers seems to be the most profitable. Here is how you can use it to your advantage.

Lightning roulette bet on all numbers

As we said earlier, Lightning roulette uses the European roulette wheel. Therefore, you can place the wagers on 36 numbers, plus a zero. By placing the wagers on every number on the betting table, you will make sure that the ball on the wheel stops on one of ‘your’ slots. But, will this bring you a lot of rupees at one of the online casinos in India?

The mathematics behind this approach is simple and it goes like this. Since there are 37 positions on the wheel, you will need to place a minimum of 37 units to cover all possibilities. However, if the winning number does not get hit by lightning, the game will provide you with a 29:1 payout. In translation, your result after such a spin will be -7 units.

Of course, this is the ‘worst-case scenario’. If you happen to be lucky and the thunder hits the winning number, the payouts could multiply up to x500. Depending on the power-up, one spin with such a winning combo could generate up to 18.500 units.

But, the ‘problem’ with Lightning roulette is that the lightning does not strike very often. On the contrary, the multipliers hit every 20 spins, on average. To be precise, the hit rate per 1000 spins is 6,9%. Thus, the chances of running into a couple of ‘dead spins’ in a row are pretty high. And, these spins could drain your bankroll before the multipliers even hit your winning number,

For that reason, we will provide you with a checklist of guidelines for playing the Lightning roulette. By following the best Lightning roulette tips, you will make the game much more enjoyable and profitable.

Lightning roulette tips & tricks

Without a doubt, Lightning roulette is an exciting and innovative concept. And, Indian players can take part in the action by visiting some of the best online casinos in India here at Casinowebsites.in. At the same time, not all casinos are the same and not all betting strategies will offer the same results. With that being said, here is what you should have in mind when playing the Lightning roulette:

  • Keep a close eye on your bankroll and set a spending limit
  • Avoid betting more than 2-3% of your bankroll
  • Only if you are wagering on all numbers should you bet up to 10% of the bankroll
  • Use bonuses and promotions to your advantage
  • Check the terms and conditions before accepting a bonus
  • Never chase losses!

If you follow this guideline, Lightning roulette will provide you with a lot of fun. In a way, this game is a unique game of chance, and it takes the element of fun to a whole new level. But, it is imperative that you play in a responsible way at all times.

Lightning roulette – Conclusion

Lightning roulette is a revolutionary concept of casino games. As such, it can offer the best of both worlds – exciting gameplay and lucrative payouts. On top of that, Evolution Gaming is the leader when it comes to the live casino games. As a result, Lightning roulette comes with impeccable video quality and state-of-the-art technology.

When it comes to Lightning roulette strategies, players have different options at their disposal. Yet, it seems that the elusive Lady Luck is the one you should appease to win some rupees by playing the Lightning roulette. Who knows, maybe today is your lucky day?

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