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Casinos without table games are not casinos enough. Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker and all those popular variants are what give these gambling establishments their iconic glamor. Online casinos are no exception. Classic table games are staples here, too. The same excitement and clink of money is here, too. So, have a seat and play a casino table game online. Which, you ask? Where, you wonder? Let’s present you with every detail to get started.


Best table games to play at online casino featured
Published on: 26 December, 2019

Tables at casinos are always action packed. Do you know why? – Because they have some of the craziest casino games unfolding right on top of them. Whether it’s a deck of cards being shuffled or a wheel being spun or a dice being rolled, the thrill at a casino table remains unmatched. Whether you’re a newbie player or a high-roller, you should never miss an opportunity to play casino tabletop games. Not sure where to begin? Check out our detailed guide to playing casino table games online. Want to know which are the best casino table games to play? We’ve listed the top 10 below. Pull up the chair and pick you poison!

1. Blackjack

A variant of Twenty-One – the widely popular banking game, Blackjack requires more than luck to win. A cousin of British Pontoon and French Vingt-et-Un, this game comes with low casino odds, which makes it a favorite with punters. The objective is to beat the dealer in one of the three following ways – by landing a ‘Blackjack’ with a hand value of 21 without the dealer doing so, by outscoring the dealer without busting, or by letting the dealer draw cards until he busts. Thanks to the straightforward rules, fast pace, and low house edge, Blackjack remains the undisputed king of casino card games even today. Want to learn how to play Blackjack online? Check out the full guide below.
  • Game Type: Card Game
  • Origin: Spanish/French
  • Skills Needed: Probability
  • Deck Type: French
  • Cards: 52 – 416
  • Randomness: High

Game Providers that Offer the Best Online Blackjack Games


NetEnt for Online Virtual Blackjack

With an RTP of 99.59%, NetEnt Blackjack™ is the game to play when you want to enjoy the classic from the comfort of your home minus the cacophony of a casino. This one’s a 3-hand and 6 deck variant.

Evolution Gaming for Online Live Blackjack

If live dealer Blackjack is what you love, go for Live Blackjack by Evolution Gaming. This one is ‘the world’s fastest and slickest’ online version of the game with Pre-Decision, Side Bets and Bet Behind features.

2. Roulette


The very name translates to ‘little wheel’ in French. Roulette is a game of pure chance where you get to place bets on numbers, their value and parity, and the colors red or black. The little wheel with defined numbers and a zero or double zero spins with a ball spinning in the opposite direction inside. The player, who can successfully guess where the ball would land, wins the game. Originating in 18th century France, Roulette is believed to be a variant of Italian Biribi and has remained a casino staple for all these years. Although the game doesn’t require strong skills, there are certain strategies players need to be aware of. To learn how to play Roulette online, check out our detailed guide below.

  • Game Type: Wheel Game
  • Origin: French
  • Skills Needed: Guesswork
  • WheelType:French/ European/American
  • Numbers: 37 or 38
  • Randomness: High

Game Providers that Offer the Best Online Roulette Games


NetEnt for Online Virtual Roulette

Roulette Advancedâ„¢ by NetEnt comes with an RTP of 97.3%. This version is available only for desktop play. However, the game developer has also launched Roulette Touchâ„¢ based on this version for mobile gamblers.

Evolution Gaming for Online Live Roulette

Have you played Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette™? Tweaking the traditional classic, this electrifying game is an audio-visual treat that adds RNG Lucky Number wins with high payouts to every round.

3. Baccarat


Baccarat is reminiscent of James Bond and his tuxedo-clad royalty. Here’s a casino table game of chance with a disputed origin, but undisputed popularity. Baccarat is believed to have originated in 15th century Italy and subsequently introduced in France during the Franco-Italian War. Also known as Punto Banco, it’s a simple comparing card game played between a player and a banker. The objective is to have a hand close or equal to nine. Known as a ‘coup,’ each round has three potential outcomes – the player scores higher than the banker, the banker scores higher than the player, or there’s a tie. A low house edge makes Baccarat a punter’s favorite table game. Want to learn how to play Baccarat online? Check out the detailed article below.

  • Game Type: Card Game
  • Origin: Italian/French
  • Skills Needed: None
  • Deck Type: French
  • Cards: 6 – 8 decks minus Jokers
  • Randomness: High

Game Providers that Offer the Best Online Baccarat Games


Microgaming for Online Virtual Baccarat

Microgaming’s latest virtual Baccarat game has an RTP of 98.94% and is played using 8 standard decks of 52 cards. The game allows 5 bet types – banker bet, player bet, tie bet, banker pair bet, and player pair bet.

Evolution Gaming for Online Live Baccarat

No one can beat Evolution Gaming when it comes to live dealer casino games. Its live Baccarat version especially delivers a Macau-like experience that relays an authentic gameplay directly on your screens.

4. Teen Patti

Teen patti

Teen Patti is a Hindi phrase that translates to ‘three cards.’ It is an Indian card game which has now reached casinos worldwide, even online. A successor to the English three-card brag game, this one is a game of skills and chance played counter-clockwise. The objective is simple – to get the best 3-card hand to win the pot on the card game table. Usually played minus the Joker cards, Teen Patti begins with a boot amount (ante) that contributes to the pot (table). The winner is the one who can outlast the rest and win with the best or highest card hand. To know about how cards are ranked in this game and what rules to follow, don’t forget to read our detailed article on how to play Teen Patti online. Find the link right below.

  • Game Type: Card Game
  • Origin: Indian
  • Skills Needed: Counting
  • Deck Type: Anglo-American
  • Cards: 52
  • Randomness: Medium

Game Providers that Offer the Best Online Teen Patti Games

Bodog Casino for Online Virtual Teen Patti

Bodog Casino for Online Virtual Teen Patti

Bodog offers two versions of virtual online Teen Patti game – Teen Patti Pro and Teen Patti Rapid. Both versions come with simple gamification. Simply drag and drop chips on the betting area and start playing.


Super Spade Games for Online Live Teen Patti

Super Spade Games recently made its live Teen Patti version available at 10Cric casino, thus bringing the phenomenal game online in its absolute authenticity. The live dealer format is simple and the payouts attractive.

5. Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is an easy gambling card game of pure chance. There’s no skill needed except for guesswork. This one’s a super-paced game where the odds of winning are 50/50. A dealer cuts a card and starts piling the remaining cards on either side (Andar or inside – left and Bahar or outside – right), one at a time and each on top of the other. The objective is to wait for a card similar to the cut card to appear either on Andar or Bahar. Players need to place a bet on whether this card would appear on the Andar side or Bahar side. The win potential in this card casino game is 90% for Andar and 100% for Bahar. If you’re not sure how to play Andar Bahar online, make sure you check out our detailed guide on this incredible casino game.

  • Game Type: Card Game
  • Origin: Indian
  • Skills Needed: Guesswork
  • Deck Type: Anglo-American
  • Cards: 52
  • Randomness: High

Game Providers that Offer the Best Online Andar Bahar Games

Bodog Casino for Online Virtual Andar Bahar

Bodog Casino for Online Virtual Andar Bahar

Bodog Casino has created a virtual Andar Bahar game especially for the next gen punter. This traditional Indian gambling game has been jazzed up with rich audio-visual elements and interactive gamification.
Super Spade Games for Online Live Andar Bahar

Super Spade Games for Online Live Andar Bahar

When it comes to satiating Indian punters, Super Spade Games know how to tick all the right boxes. Their live Andar Bahar version is a breath of fresh air in the world of live dealer games and a must-play.

6. Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda originated as a street game in Arunachal Pradesh in India. A dice game of pure chance, it requires no strategies to play. The objective is to correctly guess which symbols (sides) of the dices would show up most after a roll. A Jhandi Munda dice is absolutely different from a traditional dice. It contains 6 symbols one on each side – Jhandi (flag), Munda (crown), Hukum (spade), Paan (heart), Chiri (club), and Eent (diamond). The player who can guess the most symbols wins the game. Jhandi Munda is popular because of its huge win potential. The RTP of this game is 97.14% with fair chances of winning. Want to learn how to play Jhandi Munda online? Check out our full guide below.

  • Game Type: Dice Game
  • Origin: Indian/Nepalese
  • Skills Needed: Guesswork
  • Dice Type: Indian/Nepalese
  • Dice Numbers: 6 with 6 sides
  • Randomness: High

7. Sic Bo

Sic Bo

Sic Bo translates to ‘Precious Dice’ in Chinese. This ancient dice game is presently rising in popularity at online casinos. Played using the traditional six-sided dice, this one is absolutely a game of chance. A player needs to place his bet on the dice combinations defined on a table. This may be a single number bet, two number combinations, three number total bets, triple bets, pair bets, big bets or small bets each with a unique payout odd. The dealer rolls the dices and if the outcome matches the bet, the player wins. Sic Bo is a fast-paced casino game that requires no skills. To learn the rules of this intriguing casino game, please read our detailed article on how to play Sic Bo at an online casino in India.

  • Game Type: Dice Game
  • Origin: Chinese
  • Skills Needed: Guesswork
  • Dice Type: Regular
  • Dice Numbers: 3 with 6 sides
  • Randomness: High

Game Providers that Offer the Best Online Sic Bo Games

Playtech for Online Live Sic Bo

Live Sic Bo by Playtech is one of its best-in-class games. Raising the benchmark in the live dealer casino world online, the game provider has combined the best of land-based gambling with modern-day technology.

Evolution Gaming for Online Live Sic Bo

This legendary game has been brought to life by Evolution Gaming, too. Super Sic Bo, the game provider’s live dealer version of the classic dice game, comes with an RTP of 97.22% and random multipliers up to 1000x.

8. Poker


Poker is an entire family of table card games that require both luck and strategies to win. The gameplay begins clockwise with the dealer dealing the gambling cards to each player one at a time. One or more players are asked to make a forced bet (either an ante or a blind bet or both). Cards are dealt either face-up or face-down. All bets go into a central pot, which eventually determines the winning amount. The game ends with a showdown where all players reveal their cards to evaluate the winning hand. Winnings are determined by the hand rankings in each Poker variant. For more information on online Poker online, check our detailed guide below.

  • Game Type: Card Game
  • Origin: American
  • Skills Needed: Probability
  • Deck Type: French
  • Cards: 52
  • Randomness: Medium – High

Game Providers that Offer the Best Online Poker Games


NetEnt for Online Virtual Poker

Texas Hold’em Pro by NetEnt is a single-handed casino table game that features animated card dealing and an RTP of 99.47%. A game inspired by the World Series Poker tables, this one is a must-play.


Evolution Gaming for Online Live Poker

Created in association with Scientific Games, Live Three Card Poker by Evolution Gaming befits seasoned as well as novice players. This one has players needing a ‘Queen High’ to begin the game against the dealer.

9. Craps

Big Six Wheel

Craps is an American descendant of the European obscure game called Hazard. A game which shot to the peak of popularity during World War II, Craps is now a casino staple worldwide. The game begins with a player (shooter) betting the table minimum on either the Pass or Don’t Pass Line on the outcome of one or a series of dice rolls. The dices are then rolled in a way that they hit the walls on the far end of the Craps table. Each roll begins as a Come-Out and has three possible outcomes – a Natural (roll a 7 or 11 and you win), a Craps (roll a 2, 3 or 12 and you lose), or a Point (roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 and you get to roll again before a 7 and win). To learn more about the game, check out our guide to playing online Craps below.

  • Game Type: Dice Game
  • Origin: American/European
  • Skills Needed: Guesswork
  • Dice Type: Regular
  • Dice Numbers: 2 with 6 sides
  • Randomness: High

Game Providers that Offer the Best Online Craps Games

Playtech for Online Virtual Craps

Playtech dominates the market when it comes to virtual RNG Craps games. Offering diverse betting possibilities, this game comes with an RTP of 99.53%. Simply predict the outcome of a dice roll and take home the moolah.

Vivo Gaming for Online Live Crap

Vivo Gaming for Online Live Craps

Keeping the authenticity of the game intact, Vivo Gaming presents us with Live Craps Tables that transports us straight to Vegas. Operated with expert camerawork, the live dealer games are exciting and fair.

10. Big Six Wheel

Big Six Wheel

Also known as the Money Wheel, Lucky Wheel or Wheel of Fortune, this is one of the most commonly found games at casinos worldwide. Originating in ancient Greece, this is an online casino game of pure chance. A large vertical wheel divided into equal segments is spun to determine the fortune of punters and the moolah they could either win or lose. Players need to place their bets on the segment where the wheel is likely to stop. Correct predictions bring winnings and incorrect ones lead to losing the money. A rather underrated casino game, this one deserves more players. To know how to play Big Six Wheel games at an online casino, check out our detailed guide below.

  • Game Type: Wheel Game
  • Origin: Greek
  • Skills Needed: Guesswork
  • Wheel Type: Vertical
  • Numbers: 54
  • Randomness: High

Game Providers that Offer the Best Online Big Six Wheel Games

Evolution Gaming for Online Live Money Wheel

Evolution Gaming for Online Live Money Wheel

Created in association with Hashbro and exclusive to Evolution Gaming, MONOPOLY Live fuses live action gaming with augmented reality to take the traditional money wheel game a notch higher.

Evolution Gaming for Online Live Wheel of Fortune

Dream Catcher has turned into an iconic live dealer game for lovers of the Wheel of Fortune. Evolution Gaming has made sure to include all the elements of this traditional game to deliver super-sized fun.


Casino slot games are great, but table games are incredible, don’t you think? To every MegaWays slot, there’s a Roulette game online. To every progressive jackpot, there’s a Blackjack waiting to unfold. There’s variety. There’s excitement. Most of all, there’s money! This is a list that pretty much covers all the casino table game types available online. Which one do you want to try?