Marvel’s Latest New Warriors are here! Does it mean New Slot Games are coming?

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When casinos go woke, we go broke!

Kamala’s law is in effect in the Marvel universe.

The superhero personas of the ‘old’ New Warriors are under the radar and criminalized sans government-approved mentoring. These underage warriors have gone into hiding. The ‘new’ New Warriors have now been placed in the rather funny crosshairs.

This troop of tyro teens reeks of modern privilege. They are now the prot̩g̩s of a team of former underage superheroes turned super-meisters who know the drill. Throw in some racial diversity, body positivity and LGBTQA sentiments Рyou have the perfect recipe to entertain woke public steeped in the internet culture.

In a bid to pass on the legacy of badassery to the next generation, ex superheroes Night Thrasher, Firestar, Rage, Speedball, Namorita, and Silhouette are (drumroll, please) running survival school to prep up the raw recruits.

Modernity-mongering is a Marvel thing. So, the generation gap is clear. While the original New Warriors pointed to popular concepts of the 90’s such as microwave, intergalactic forces, martial arts, and even reality shows, the newfangled saviors primary dwell on the digital space.

The neon color palette has been used judiciously on the characters. Created by Emmy-nominated Daniel Kibblesmith and rising talent Luciano Vecchio, the latest New Warriors are rebels at heart. Like it or leave it, that’s how the cookie crumbles in the Marvel world.

Could this be Good News for the iGaming World?

Whenever there are new superheroes roaming the earth, the iGaming industry starts hyperventilating. From comics to movies to slots – it’s an absolute whistle-stop journey for the characters.

In the past, developers such as Playtech and Cryptologic have already put their frenzied attempts on display for the rest to follow suit. In fact, not many years ago, Playtech was hysterically building a prolific gaming portfolio with its Marvel slots until the duo fell out in 2017.

The virtuousness of Walt Disney suddenly crept in as it acquired Marvel Entertainment and casino gaming was immediately marked in red. Ties with Cryptologic were cut off and those with Playtech never renewed. Consequently, Marvel slots gave up the ghost and were pulled out of the developers’ shelves.

Playtech, however, went ahead and entered into an agreement with Warner Bros instead. It began creating DC-branded superhero slots, giving a new twist to the age-old rivalry between the two companies and fanning the flames of a more intense competition.

At this moment, Marvel slots seek a home. We see Microgaming as one of the top game developers that can turn the tide. Its success with The Dark Knight series of video slot games tells us it is one of the most able creators of iGaming content that can bring back the Marvel magic if Walt Disney stops lobbying against casino gaming.

The five latest New Warriors from Marvel are what we’ve loved to witness becoming slot games soon, no matter their quirks.

Let’s meet the young heroes!


Isn’t that the perfect name for a slot game casinos want you to keep playing?

Screentime is a meme-obsessed teen with a ‘brainternet.’ Marvel has placed a futurist concept here where the character’s brain is hardwired with the internet after getting exposed to his grandpa’s experimental internet gas. Is that ol’ Hitler resurrecting and turning over a new leaf?

Anyway, Screentime is now a living cyborg with the power to see Augmented Reality and Google whatever the hell he wants. Kibblesmith says he wanted an ‘in’ thing and he got it. Look around you! Everyone seems to be hooked with the Internet of Things these days.

We’d love to see how this character is used in a slot game. Could Screentime come with a bonus round where we’d be able to use his Googling capabilities to know what each spin holds? Could he turn into an Expanding Wild with his AR antics? There better be some Marvel slots cooking on gas.


That’s Edward Cullen’s illegitimate son seeking revenge.

Just kidding. Goth’s got the better of B-Negative – the cool teen vampire who got exposed to Michael Morbius’s blood during a rogue life-saving blood transfusion. He’s now the wannabe redhead who’s got a thing for ‘90s and ‘00s music and blood.

B-Negative is most of us shuttling between the nostalgia of the ‘90s and trying to fit in with the new generation of music lovers. If this character is ever used in a slot game, we’d like to see him as a Shifting Wild – moving at jet speed from one reel to another, doing their job and vanishing.


That’s Dora the Explorer beefed up.

A misfit in the world of superheroes, Trailblazer is the ordinary kid with an extraordinary backpack.The seemingly pocket dimension size comes with infinite space that has useful objects in store.

Trailblazer can pull them out in random, but has not control over it. So, we’d like to call it a grab bag. She says her power is god gifted. Not the god we know. Nevertheless, she’s got a good heart and is pretty humble. She doesn’t consider herself a superhero.

If ever Trailblazer features in a slot game, we’d like to see her as a Scatters triggering Free Spins. Alternatively, she’d also make a great theme for a Jackpot slot. Whaddaya think?

Snowflake & Safespace

They’re twins. Psychic twins. With funny names.

Snowflake in pop culture has an inflated sense of uniqueness. Also, Safespace is a haven for cowards to evade criticism. We’re not sure if Marvel was aware of the online connotations and deliberately named the character so. Both seem to wear it like a badge of honor.

Nevertheless, Snowflake in the Marvel world is a cryokinetic in blue who identifies as a non-binary. She can materialize snowflake-shaped shuriken projectiles to hurl at enemies. Safespace, on the other hand, is the macho guy who can materialize pink forcefields to protect others, but can’t reside in one.

Snowflake’s powers are offensive while that of Safespace are defensive. They complement each other and leverage their super powers for ‘post-ironic meditation on using violence to combat bullying.’ We see them as cool physics nerds grinding under peer pressure to become superheroes.

If the duo were to feature in a slot game, we’d love to see them in a win-both-ways game where they move either way on the reels and we get twice the chances of winning big; something similar to NetEnt’s Invisible Man slot where the Police and Griffin Wilds collide to active Free Spins!

Two is better than one, don’t you think?


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