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Looking for the best casino bonuses? Find them right here!
We have put together a comprehensive list of Indian online casinos that pay out lucrative welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins, loyalty bonuses, and other attractive offers that give you a flying start. Register with a casino we recommend and claim your exclusive bonus now.

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Punting makes you ecstatic and winning boosts your bankroll. But, what if there are other rewards that could add zest to your game and tot up to your winnings? Higher roller or casual player, you definitely deserve to be showered with casino bonus money. After all, what good is a casino without the perks of punting?

How to Claim the Best Casino Bonuses Online

Whether you rely on sheer Lady Luck or great skills to win at a casino game, there’s no saying no to bonuses. Lofty rewards do not just add flavor to your casino game, but also offer you a bankroll that could buy you an island someday! Whether you are a slot lover or blackjack enthusiast, whether you enjoy the perplexity of poker or the rage of roulette, you would always welcome bonuses with arms wide open and grab with both hands.

However, online casinos overflow with a mind-boggling number of promotional perks, freebies, and handouts. The volume is so large new players could be left overwhelmed and experienced ones spoilt for choice. To dismiss the complexities, has come up with recommendations for the best casino bonuses online.

You can claim one by simply signing up with one of the top 4 casinos mentioned above or browse through the casino bonus list below.

Casino Bonus List June 2021


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Claim the Best Casino Bonuses in India

This web resource has been specifically built to help Indian online casino goers find bonuses that befit them. From welcome bonuses to no deposit bonuses to free spins and game-specific perks, you can find everything right here.

The casinos we recommend not only welcome players from the country, but also display bespoke reliability when it comes to promotional offers and in-game rewards. To bring the best online casino bonus in India to avid punters, we at always go that extra mile. How do we do it? – We read the fine print for you. Here is a brief idea:

Size Matters

Yes, whenever we think of including a casino on our website, we make sure to check the size of the bonuses it offers. We believe a punting session should be worth the effort. To that end, it is important that we inform players what they could exactly be getting and what they can expect. Beyond entertainment, gambling should be about the eventual financial gain. So, bigger the size of the bonuses, higher the chance of winning big, ergo this criterion.

Time is Money

Size is a good measure of how much a casino bonus can fill your pocket. But, it is of no use if the time period is not adequate. You can have a 1000 INR bonus amplifiable to 100 times and have only 24 hours to do it. This isn’t remotely possible. It is simply a lure to get you in the game. At, we go above and beyond to find casino bonuses with reasonable time period so you can play in peace and land great winnings as well.

Get More For Less

Playthrough and bonus match percentage manifest a casino’s worth. The former determines after how many deposits you can withdraw winnings. The latter specifies the bonus amount you’d receive upon wagering. If it’s a 100% match with a wagering requirement of 50X, you need to wager 50 times to win a bonus equal to your bet amount. We find out the best possible combinations of match percentage and playthroughs so you win more with less effort and money.

Negotiations Equal Max Profit

We kept this for the end so you remember the kind of effort that goes into getting you the best bonuses available in Indian online casinos. At, we are able negotiators. We look for win-win situations to make sure you receive better welcome offers from the casino operators we recommend. This also means our list of casino websites and bonuses is pretty exclusive – created with player satisfaction in mind.

Exclusive Welcome Offers

A Welcome Offer is more of a jazzy ‘hello’ from a casino operator to its new user celebrating a signup or first real money deposit. This isn’t just a greeting or a reward; it is also an earnest appeal to the player to remain active on the website. Over the years, welcome bonuses have become an integral part of online gambling – one the casinos on the web do not want to do without. The reason is simple: it is one of the best ways to attract players, help them improve their odds, give a boost to their bankroll and thus, build trust.

While this is a generic concept within the industry, welcome offers vary from one casino to another because of the cutthroat competition. This apart, different players have different tastes based on which their preferences for this bonuses differ, too. This is why it is important to weigh your options before picking one. The bad news is punting could take a backseat while you ponder the possibilities and choices. The good news is can do this bit of work for you. Below is an exclusive list of welcome bonuses offered by select online casino operators in India and recommended by us.

How to Land a Casino Bonus

Bonuses in online casinos do not fall from the sky. You need to earn one with money, strategy, loyalty, and consistency. Putting in the money and learning new strategies is easy. But, being loyal and remaining consistent is the real job. Below are some surefire ways to land a casino bonus online.

Sign up with a new casino

Almost all Indian casinos offer some sort of welcome bonus or the other. Therefore, every time you create a fresh account with a new online casino, you are sure to receive one. There are numerous casinos on the web. So, make sure you do your homework thoroughly before choosing one. Look for signup bonuses or welcome offers without deposits and wagering requirements. Better yet, rely on us for objective reviews and unbiased recommendations.

Participate in running campaigns

Because the competition is intense within the gambling industry, online casino operators go to great lengths to maintain and expand their clientele. To that end, they organize promotional campaigns to offer special bonuses to their patrons. We at believe these casino campaigns are a golden opportunity to make an investment and get great ROI. While the casinos remain competitive, players can have the cake and eat it too.

Subscribe to the casino newsletter

When you sign up for a casino newsletter, you would receive the latest news and information about upcoming bonuses, promotional campaigns and so much more. All details will be mailed to you from time to time so you don’t have to worry about keeping tabs. This newsletter is your ultimate source for breaking news related to the industry. When you subscribe, you would always be on the right schedule and never miss an opportunity!

Subscribe to us

We highly recommend you subscribe to While you can go about subscribing to different individual casinos, we are the roof under which you will find the best ones. Our research is thorough and surveys are unbiased so you don’t have to scour for authentic information. In a bid to bring you the latest news on the casino industry, we will also recommend the top deals and bonuses that might interest you.

Be a loyal customer

Like we mentioned earlier, loyalty and consistency are important when you want to land hefty casino bonuses online. The usual signup and first deposit bonuses aside, online casinos also offer rewards for dedicated and returning players. These include reload bonuses, free spins, cash backs, high roller bonuses, VIP bonuses and goodwill bonuses offered to punters who keep coming back for more and remain active. Trust is a two-way street after all!

Why You Should Always Claim the Casino Bonus Offers

Every casino website in India is almost always sure to greet you with a welcome bonus when you first sign up or deposit real money. It could be anything – from bonus money to free spins. This one works like that perfect icebreaker that relieves you of the inhibitions and motivates you to start punting.

A welcome offer is also a lucky chance for you to amplify your final winnings and come back for more. And, why just a welcome bonus? Online casinos brim with rewards that come along when you continue punting. It could be a cashback or reload bonus, high roller or goodwill bonus. Casinos on the web always make sure players have the scope to win big.

The question is should you claim your casino bonus or should you let it go? Is it worth your while? Is it a gimmick or just a stroke of luck? Apprehensions, we understand. Nevertheless, we at suggest you never miss an opportunity to claim your casino bonus online.

3 Reasons Why You Need To Claim A Casino Bonus

If It’s Free, Why Not?

Welcome bonus without the need to deposit real money or the associated wagering requirements is pure bliss. This is free money you are getting just to show up! You should grab it with both hands.

Play Often, Play Longer!

Even if you have already set a budget to wager, some extra cash never harms. Bonuses added to your casino account contribute to a fatter bankroll and offer more time on games without having to risk your own money.

Rake In The Moolah!

It is possible to make big money from casino bonuses because in most casinos, players are allowed to keep what they win – bonuses and winnings together. Why leave a bonus unclaimed and lose a chance to win more?

However, There Are Exceptions

You Have Won, But The Casino Won’t Pay You

If an online casino does not allow you to withdraw your bonus amount even if you have won it, it is no use claiming it. Not all casinos can afford to give money to new players straight away. There could be wagering requirements associated.

The Wagering Requirements Are Unrealistic

There are casino bonuses that come with wagering requirements that are impossible to meet and bonus terms that cannot be agreed to. As such, claiming a bonus becomes a far-fetched dream that is not worth dreaming.

Exceptions Don’t Make A Rule
Make Sure You Follow These Instructions Before Jumping Into Grabbing A Bonus

  • Research the online casino first and check the bonus terms and conditions.
  • Look for feedback from past players.
  • Read the reviews on casino operators and games on our website.
  • Avoid bonuses with wagering requirements that are impractical.

When in doubt, feel free to reach us at for help.

Everything You Need to Know About Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements are a set of rules that determine when a player can withdraw winnings from his casino account. In mathematical terms, it is a multiplier that stands for the cumulative monetary amount or playthrough that must be wagered and the minimum number of times a wager must be placed to claim the winnings.

For instance, if an online casino offers a bonus of 100 INR for an online deposit of 100 INR and a wagering requirement of 10X, wagering would work in any of the two ways depending on the online casino’s terms and conditions:

Wagering Requirement X Casino Bonus

=> 10 X 100 = 1000 INR

Wagering Requirement X (Deposit + Casino Bonus)

=> 10 X (100 + 100) = 2000 INR

In addition to this, wagering requirements also mention the time period in which you have to complete the wagering to claim the winnings and the maximum bet you can claim the bonus for.

What’s Fair?

  • Wagering requirement ranging between 20X – 35X your bonus amount.
  • Only bonus funds locked for wagering.
  • A minimum time period of 30 days to complete the wagering.
  • Casino games contributing to wagering (although this is not a common measure).

What’s Unfair?

  • Wagering requirement above 40X your bonus amount.
  • Bonus and deposit, both locked for wagering
  • A time period less than 30 days to complete the wagering
  • Casino games not contributing to wagering (although this is not an absolute measure).

Casino Games Contribute To The Wagering Differently

Some casino games contribute 100% while others only 5%. And then there are others that do not contribute at all. The terms vary from casino to casino, but the fundamentals remain the same. Here is a brief overview of how different casino games usually contribute to wagering requirements:

Slots 100% Blackjack 10%
Roulette 5% Baccarat 5%
Video Poker 30% Texas Hold’em 10%
Casino Hold’em 10% Oasis Poker 10%
Table Games 10% All Other Games 100%


What is a Casino Bonus?

When an online casino offers you something extra aside your winnings, it is called a bonus. It can be anything – real money, free spins, cashbacks, or other in-game rewards. If the bonus is in cash, the amount adds up to your winnings and can be withdrawn from your casino account easily. If it isn’t, it can be used while playing to improve your odds of winning.

A casino bonus is another way of attracting new players and encouraging the existing ones to keep punting. It could be a warm reception for a rookie and even admiration for a veteran player. They could be a token of appreciation for a high roller or a gesture of goodwill for a player who has lost it all.

Every bonus awarded is subject to specific terms and conditions which a player must understand before accepting. Casino bonuses online might be affected by factors such as wagering requirements and restrictions placed on withdrawal. They may come associated with the obligation to make a deposit or without it.

Whatever be their type they are always sought after. Bonuses make a fun way for punters to play a game for longer without risking their own money. This is why they are rarely abandoned or left unclaimed. However, accepting a bonus in an online casino game depends purely on personal preferences and the player’s bankroll.

8 Tips For Selecting The Best Casino Bonuses

  • Check the size of the bonus; bigger the better.
  • Scrutinize the wagering requirements; better if realistic.
  • Compare; if two deposit bonuses are of the same amount but one has 10X WR and the other 20X WR, choose the first.
  • Find out the match percentage; a 100% is the best.
  • Go for high payout ratios.
  • Play games with low to medium variance.
  • Look for no deposit, no wagering bonuses; they come without obligations.
  • Choose from our list of recommended bonuses; at, we are experts.

4 Tips For Cashing Out Casino Bonuses

  • Make sure you have met all the wagering requirements.
  • Let the bonus remain in your account for a day or two and then withdraw it.
  • Set a pot limit so you do not end up overspending your winnings.

Different Types of Casino Bonuses

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer diversity of casino bonuses online. It’s a sea out there and you wouldn’t know which ship to sail on. Especially, if you are a new punter trying to figure out what works for you, chances are you would be baffled by the volume and variety. Fret not! has it sorted for you. Below is what all those bonuses mean. Choose wisely!

Deposit Bonus

You receive it when you deposit real money to your casino account. A Deposit Bonus comes with additional benefits. For instance, when you make a deposit to unlock this bonus, you are indirectly putting in money to continue playing. In other words, you stand all the chances of winning and receiving the additional bonus amount at the casino.

Match Bonus

If you are a loyal player making regular deposits, you stand the chance of winning a Match Bonus someday. This one is another deposit bonus which is awarded to punters by matching their deposited amount to an online casino’s own, rupee for rupee. It usually comes with a unique bonus code, which needs to be used to claim the bonus.

Signup Bonus

This one is exactly what it says on the tin. As the name suggests, you would win a Signup Bonus when you sign up at an online casino in India that offers the same. This one is a Welcome Bonus that works much like an incentive to woo players. You can think of it as a red carpet rolled out to specially invite you and get you onboard.

Reload Bonus

Reload Bonus works similar to casino welcome bonuses. It is given out to current players who have already deposited some money to their casino account. This one is like a reward for loyalty and directed at player retention. On a lighter note, you can think of it as a ‘welcome back’ bonus – one that coaxes players to keep on punting.

No Deposit Bonus

This one goes by another name called ‘free cash bonus.’ A No Deposit Bonus is awarded when a player signs up at a casino. It could sound like another Signup Bonus, but there is a difference. Casinos offering No Deposit Bonuses do not oblige players to make deposits. Also, such bonuses can be used without the player ever depositing real cash.

Casino Bonus Code

This one holds the secret key to unlocking rewards hidden in plain sight. A Casino Bonus Code can be either exclusive or auxiliary; it can come as a whole reward or accompany another bonus and add up to it. Whatever the case, this one is the gratuity you need when you wish to get your casino game upped and winnings amplified.

Wagering Free Bonus

Wagering Free Bonus or No Wagering Bonus is the kind of reward you win at an online casino that comes without any wagering requirement. Whatever you win is for you to keep. There is no minimum number of times for placing a bet before you can withdraw your money. The bonus adds up to your winnings and can be withdrawn together.

No Deposit No Wagering Bonus

This one is a double perk bonus with the goodness of No Deposit and No Wagering. It is exactly what it says on the tin. Players need not deposit real money or meet wagering requirements to win a No Deposit No Wagering Bonus. Just play the game, unlock the bonus, keep what you win, and cash out your winnings – casino cravings sorted!

Free Spins

Free Spins allow you to continue punting without risking your own casino money. Whatever you win, automatically sums up to your winnings and can be withdrawn with or without wagering requirements. Free Spin bonuses are usually associated with slot games and available in different forms as welcome, deposit, or reload bonuses.

Cash Back

This one is sort of a reward you receive when you are losing real money in a casino game. A certain percentage of your loss is refunded to you in real cash, either for a predefined time period or on a deposit you made. A Cash Back Bonus is a way of indicating the casino cares for its players and wants them to return and go back winning big.

VIP Bonus

If you ever receive a VIP Bonus, know that the casino operator adores you and notices your punting effort. This is its way of pampering regular punters and saying they matter. VIP Bonuses are a casino’s best rewards awarded in acknowledgement of loyalty and aimed at building long-lasting relationships with players. You have to be extremely lucky to win it!

High Roller Bonus

The whales and big fish in casinos always have a lot more money to spend than the average Joe. They are the high rollers – a defined class that has the ability to put in heaps of cash in a single session without qualms. Often, casinos have a soft corner for them and offer exclusive High Roller Bonus so they stand a chance at landing epic wins.

Good will bonus

If a player loses a lot of money or experiences issues while punting, a Goodwill Bonus might come his way. This one is a gesture of goodwill given by a casino and is a way of saying ‘better luck next time’ with a lot more compassion. Because the player leaves without an empty pocket despite the loss, he is likely to come back to punt again.

Why Do Indian Casino Sites Give Away Bonuses?

Who doesn’t love freebies? Especially when it is free cash! Especially when you can win it by simply having fun! Online casino operators in India understand this psychology very well. They leverage it to the utmost to stay combative in a highly competitive landscape. Indeed, in the world of gambling, a bonus always works wonders. Here is why:

  • Bonuses, especially those that are given away right when a punter signs up, make joining a casino worthwhile.
  • Free cash in the very beginning ensures playing at a casino is financially less stressful.
  • Casino bonuses allow Indian punters to spend some more time enjoying a game.
  • These freebies encourage punters to keep coming back for more.
  • Bonuses help casinos build loyalty and trust with players.
  • They are great for building brand repute and credibility.
  • Most of all, casino bonuses are a surefire way of making sure punters don’t go home with empty pockets

After all, there must be something for every player! Indians have always had a thing for gambling since time immemorial. To that end, online casinos have managed to satiate the players of this country. And, about bonuses? Well, that extra pani puri and dhania mirchi pudina is always welcome. So, why should a bonus rupee be left behind?


Unfortunately, no. A bonus is usually a one-time payment. There is an exception to this rule, however. For instance, if you have received a referral bonus, it might not come with a limit and could be claimed more than once.

In order to avoid bonus abuse, online casinos forbid multiple accounts by the same user. So, you cannot reclaim the same bonus by creating multiple accounts.

Unless you meet the Wagering Requirements, you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings and bonuses.

You might fail to withdraw your bonus money under two circumstances:

You have not met the Wagering Requirements.
The Time Limit for withdrawal is already over.

Bonus money is the monetary gratification a punter receives beyond the existing casino winnings. It is given out as a reward and can be withdrawn along with the winnings.

The easiest route to landing casino bonuses is to sign up and claim a welcome bonus. Almost all casinos would surely have something or the other in store for their new players.

Online casinos put wagering requirements to shake off fly-by-night players and bonus abusers. So, chances are slim a casino will let you do that. The bonus you have unlocked obviously belongs to you. But, you need to meet certain conditions to have it in your wallet.

Absolutely! The bonus terms and conditions contain all the information you would require to know what to expect from your win.