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Voodoo dreams loyalty program

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Published on: 28 October, 2019

Loyalty programs are used by companies to reward returning customers. Plenty of online casinos offers loyalty programs with many different levels of generosity where the rewards vary, primarily in shape and size depending on the customers play style. VoodooDreams, however, does this in a brand new way.

Here players have complete freedom to pick and chose the rewards you prefer, while all the time fully aware of how many points are needed for the next reward.

How Does it Work at VoodooDreams?

At VoodooDreams each winning spin gives you not only the win amount but also two types of points. These points are known as Experience Points (XP) and Spirit Points (SP). XP allows you to reach new levels, that in turn grants access to better bonuses – which the casino calls spells. SP are the points used to cast the spells you unlock.

What are the Advantages?

When you use your SP to cast a spell you will be granted a bonus. The SP costs vary depending on the value of the spell and spells become more powerful the more you use them. You choose your own bonuses and their value provided you have enough SP.

Which Types of Bonuses are There?
The casino’s Spells, bonuses, are divided into four categories: Blood, Dark, Light and Spirit Magic.

With Blood Magic, you receive a set amount of free spins on your next deposit. These are sometimes restricted to a specific game but most commonly you have a few to choose among.

  • Dark Magic gives you a deposit bonus.
  • Light Magic gives you a larger deposit bonus.
  • Spirit Magic is the most valuable type of spell since they give real money, with no playthrough requirements.
    Read more about the different spell types here.

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